can't access internet through router on 2nd PC..

  Simac 21:33 22 Jun 2005

Thought I may try this thread again, as I am here still trying to get my 2nd PC to access the internet through broadband router. I am now on Day 2. Still can't resolve the problem in a nutshell I have broadband, connected through a modem/router. The original PC is set up to access through the router and works fine, I can get on the internet and access websites no problem. The problem is with my 2nd PC. I have connected using a crossover ethernet cable from the PC into the router I have activity because lights show green. I have my ISP as a shortcut on my Desktop, dblclick ISP asks me to connect, have no problem. But when I go into IE browser window and type in an address for a particular website it does not like it, despite it saying it is done it shows no page, I have tried endless websites but to no avail. Tried other forum's, helpdesk etc over the telephone no one seems to know the problem. I assumed that just simply connecting the PC to the Router via ethernet cable would be a breeze, but not the case. Both PC's use XP o/s and yes PC #1 is connected. Before I attempt to connect on PC #2.
I tried this thread in Network forum also but no joy.

Well back to the dark ages of just using one PC to access the internet(Broadband). Perhaps I should just get an ISDN line for the second PC and access internet that way.

  woodchip 21:39 22 Jun 2005

All I did to connect was Just plug a Ethernet cable in to router from both PC's and Setup router on one of them through web page I did not have to do anything for number two PC only connect the cable

You should be using a straight patch cable between the 2nd PC and the router unless you are connecting via an uplink connection on the router

Best wishes

  keith-236785 21:49 22 Jun 2005

you need to replace the crossover cable with a normal straight cable, crossover is for direct connection between two pc's (i know some routers cope with crossover cables but maybe yours doesnt)

then it should connect automatically, if you used to use ICS (internet connection sharing), you need to turn it off.

Does your router have DHCP facilities? You should be permanently connected on a Broadband connection and you should not need a short cut to ISP?

  Simac 21:56 22 Jun 2005

There's nothing wrong with connection as green lights indicate everything is alright. I can connect alright with my ISP, I just can't access websites on IE, an example I type in click here I get a lot of action at the bottom of the page then it suddenly stops with two things a warning box comes up on screen to say IE could not open the search page with an OK button.
At the bottom where it normally says DONE once it as found the site says Downloading from site:res//C:\WINDOWS\System32\shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm.
When I click the OK button on the warning from IE, it then changes to DONE at the bottom.


  Simac 22:05 22 Jun 2005

I tried a straight through cable it would not work kept saying it found no connection from ethernet card to the PC when using normal cable. So I went for crossover cable. Shows green light activity. Connects through ISP no problem justs lacks getting a website of any kind on IE browser window. DHCP I have heard of but not a tech whizz-kid to beable work my way around. That's why I here requesting help or advice.
I tend to find help or advice at the wrong time of the evening I am not one of these night owls and I've been at this problem for at least two days now. So will have to continue tomorrow.


  keith-236785 22:13 22 Jun 2005

on IE, click tools/internet options/connections

if you have a dial up account on there, it need to be disabled (or deleted) unless you still dial up to keep an account active.

click the programs tab and click "reset web settings"

then goto advanced and click restore defaults

  wots it all about 22:13 22 Jun 2005

This is probably no help to you at all but we just had a bit of a prob setting up our 2 pc's via an integrated modem/router. We are on adsl dial up broadband, and installed everything as instructed. we couldnt get connected despite changing all the settings etc. Eventually it dawned on me that we had left a micro filter from the old adsl usb modem on the main phone line, and had also fitted the micro filter from the new router to the other line. I just took the old filter off and hey presto! we are connected, no probs. Like I say, prob no good to you, but may help someone out there lol !!

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