Can't access home website and others

  Snrub 13:26 27 Nov 2008

I think I'm a victim of 'drive-by pharming' where the dns router settings on my home hub have been hi-jacked.
Problems started some 2 months back when the firewire port indicated an unplugged cable which isn,t the case. Advise from BT unable to resolve the firewire connection told me to connect to the usb connection which works for a while then computer freezes. On restart Windows will not load unless the usb connection is unplugged and a system restore is carried out.
In the last 2 days I have been unable to access ie 7 homepage MyYahoo and firefox with messages coming up that the url's incorrect, although it will find mail and other settings.
There maybe multiple problems here but read an article on 'drive-by pharming' which seems to answer some of the above problems.
Has anyone had same problems and found solutions please?

  Rahere 14:50 27 Nov 2008

Once reset change the password immediately - does this help?

How helpful were BT?
Surely they have more expertise than the average customer...this is something they must encounter quite regularly - they use a very small number of encryption algorithms and just one standard password for access to a router.

  johnnyrocker 14:53 27 Nov 2008

i would question the technical abilities of the bt call centre from my experiences


  Rahere 15:03 27 Nov 2008

In case it's not your router but your PC you can try clearing your Hosts file

there's a guide here plus a lot of other suggestions from Microsoft - I'd stick to clearing the cache and hosts files for now: click here

Once clean I'd recommend using the following to protect your hosts file and prevent hijacks these will harden your browser and may prevent another occurrence:

Install and update Spybot S&D and use the Immunise function click here

Install and update Spywareblaster click here

Obviously you've got to have decent antivirus software and a good firewall running too.

come back to us if you need more help

  Snrub 16:21 27 Nov 2008

Hi Rahere I have used thr reset button on the BT Home Hub but I don't know how to set a password? Can you advise please?

BT were helpfull and polite but the call was routed to India!!! where the help was not of technically qualified nature and long and protracted, with problems understanding the dialect. Does anyone know of a BT UK based helpline number? They did not resolve the firewire issue but told me to connect to the usb port.

I run AVG,Outpost,Spybot,Adware2008,CCL and keep all up to date checking frequently. I do have a lot of tai 3 spyware but never know whether to delete cookies and loose url quick log-ins?

  Rahere 16:41 27 Nov 2008

By firewire do you mean ethernet cable?

Re home hub - Have you attempted any settings changes to the router via your browser or via the BT router software? There's an advanced section there - try user name: admin and type the word password as password or leave password section blank. You should be able to reset the router and/or chnage passwords.

ps If cookies are all you have then it's not too bad. What version of Outpost do you use? older versions not so good these days. but new ones v good see click here

  Snrub 18:57 27 Nov 2008

Hi Rahere
Yes I mean ethernet cable.
Haven't altered router settings but think I need to alter password as you suggest,
I have Outpost free version 1.0.242

I have paired Outpost and AVG for a number of years and seem to work well together.
Being on BT Yahoo it also runs Norton with the firewall on , Windows auto updates but not the anti-virus software because AVG is running. Is it OK to have 2 firewalls running? They don't seem to have any problems.

  Rahere 00:05 28 Nov 2008

Just to be clear have you two av programs (AVG and Norton) and two firewalls (outpost and Norton) running on your PC?? This isn't good and could be the problem!

Just use one firewall and one AV as they will conflict badly. Firstly ditch Outpost 1 think it's 5 years old - the latest is Outpost Firewall Pro 2009 v6.5. Replace with say Comodo or another recommended firewall - for possible contenders see click here many of the best are free!

back to my suggestions before about clearing the hosts file on your PC - have you done this?

to change settings on your router you need to login via your browser (hence the business of passwords) or use the router software BT gave you......

  Snrub 01:00 28 Nov 2008

Have 1 antivirus AVG running with Norton antivirus disabled and yes 2 or 3 firewalls, Outpost, Norton and Windows XP.

Could change to running Norton antivirus and firewall and ditch Outpost and AVG.

What do you mean by 'host files' and where are they located?

  rdave13 01:35 28 Nov 2008

If you have more than one firewall, more so than more than one Antivirus, running then they will affect your ability to connect online let alone connect to sites. If norton is no longer subscribed to then disable Norton's firewall and AV. Disable Outpost but leave XP firewall on for now.
After making sure everything is disabled in Norton then run the uninstaller tool; click here . That should get rid of one problem. If you wish to use Outpost for firewall then disable xp firewall and enable Outpost. See if you can access the sites now.

  Snrub 13:36 28 Nov 2008

Hi Rahere
Your quote
'back to my suggestions before about clearing the hosts file on your PC - have you done this?'

What do you mean by 'host files' and where are they located?

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