Can't access data on old HDD

  Skeletor 12:21 06 Jun 2005

I've just installed a new 250GB Western Digital Eide HD. I initially installed the new drive as a slave and kept the original 80GB drive as master, so I could copy everything, OS, progs, and files to the new drive. The copying went smoothly and everything is now in a partition on my new 250GB drive. After I did the copy I then changed the 250GB drive to master and the old 80GB drive to slave, booted up and everything is fine, except I cannot read anything on my old drive. If I left double click the drive in "My Computer" it says "The disk in drive F is not formatted". Is this normal? If so, is there a way to access the data without reversing everything that I've done? I'm a little reluctant to format the old drive yet until I'm certain everything is running properly with the new Drive. I will eventually use it as a backup drive.

Win XP Home,
Western Digital 250GB Eide HD,
Samsung 80 GB HD



  DieSse 12:27 06 Jun 2005

"Is this normal?" -

No it's not normal - How did you carry out the whole process.

Check than when you changed the jumpers, and recabled, you did all the connections well - try taking them off and refitting.

  DieSse 12:30 06 Jun 2005

Things like Acronis can "mask" the old drive, to prevent problems with two drives both with active partions and OSs. If you read the help, it explains this.

Are you sure the "unformatted" partition really is your old drive, and not a part of your new drive?

Assuming XP - what does Disk management say about your drives and partitions?

  Skeletor 13:32 06 Jun 2005

Thanks DieSse,

I've double checked all connections, still the same!

I installed the new drive by setting the jumper to "slave" and connecting with the grey connector (as per instructions). Black connector is attached to old drive and jumper kept as "master".

I then used Western Digitals "Data Lifeguard Tools" to partition the new drive and copy an image of the old drive to a partition of the new drive, including setting it as the new Boot partition. After completing this process "Data Lifeguard Tools" said to shutdown the PC and change jumpers, the old drive to "slave and the new drive to "master", I also swapped black and grey connector. On reebooting everything was fine, except not being able to access data on the old drive.

In Disk Management, Disk 0 shows the 3 partions I created DRV2_VOL1(C:), VOL2(D:)and VOL3(E:)at roughly their correct sizes (minus a few GB's)

Disk 1 shows (F:)with only 1 partition (even though the drive was partitioned in 2 and with only 31.5GB's instead of 80GB's. Looking at "Properties" for that partition shows:

Type: Local Disk

File System: RAW

Used space: 0 bytes

Free space: 0 bytes

Last night I did reverse everything to make sure the old drive was still working, and sure enough it was running perfectly well. This morning swapped everything back, and data on my old drive has disappeared again.

Hope this all makes sense.



  Skeletor 13:40 06 Jun 2005

I've just had a thought. As far as I understand it, if your PC doesn't come with a full XP disc and only a recovery disc, then the recovery disc is used to retrieve the OS from a hidden partition on the HD. IfI'm right could this be the problem?


  DieSse 13:52 06 Jun 2005

Might be something to do with it - I've never actually seen a recovery disk in action - just don't see many "branded PCs" over here.

When you old disk is working OK on it's own - what partitions does it have?

What type of partitions are they all?

  Skeletor 14:17 06 Jun 2005

The old 80GB disk was divided into 2, about 37 0r 38 GB's each partition (can't remember exactly).

The new disk is divided into 3, Boot partition (C:)=44.8GB's, second partition (D:)=92.7GB's, third partition (E:)=95.3GB's
NTFS File system


  rawprawn 14:37 06 Jun 2005

To the best of my knowledge, you have to format your old drive so that the computer can read it when it is a slave. If everything is working OK on your new HDD. I think you will have to format the slave.
If you are worried do a complete back up of your new drive OS etc onto one of your empty patitions on your new drive using some thing like Acronis True Image then format the slave

  DieSse 14:38 06 Jun 2005

Did you use any fancy partitioning software when you set your old drive up - MaxBlast - Seatools etc ?

This could account for the partitions not being visible.

  rawprawn 14:43 06 Jun 2005

Also if you have a computer with a recovery partition and disc such as Dell, I don't think you can see it in disc management. However formatting will clear it. The problem is I DO NOT believe that you can copy the OS successfully from the old disc, at least I couldn't do it after trying various methods. It looks OK but there are errors, SO BE CAREFULL.

  DieSse 14:46 06 Jun 2005

The problem is I DO NOT believe that you can copy the OS successfully from the old disc

Done it many times - using Seatools, XXClone, and now True Image, with full success every time. There's no reason for them not to work.

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