Can't access 2nd Hard Drive

  ImAFlump 14:52 28 Oct 2007


I have all my MP3's on a separate internal hHard Drive, but recentlt I can't seem view the files from within My Computer. Accessing the files is ok through Media Player etc...but if I click on My Computer, then on the 2nd Hard Drive icon (D:), it says "searching for files" then my PC locks up. I can still look at properties for D: and copy/move stuff over and access files from within programs...just can't access the drive itself through a shortcut or My Computer. Does anybody have any suggestions? I've not installed or upgraded anything recently and none of the System Tools seem to give me access again.

Thanks very much.

Si > : )

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:36 28 Oct 2007

start-control panel-admin tools-computer management-storage-disk management and you should be able to see the drives. Right click on a drive that is 'hidden' and select change drive letter/ any other letter preferably from the end of the ok and the disk should appear in my computer..try another letter if it is still hidden.


  ImAFlump 16:50 28 Oct 2007

Heya Gandalf,

Thanks for that. Unfortunately it didn't work. I went into Disk Management etc, and D: was showing as active. Tried reassigning another letter, but still no joy. Any other ideas?

Si > : )

  keef66 12:49 29 Oct 2007

If you right click on your D drive can you wiew properties?

  ImAFlump 14:54 29 Oct 2007

Heya Keef66,

Yeah, if I right click over it I can get the properties etc. I can also listen to MP3's no problem from Media Player, as well as editing files from programs. Just can't seem to view the contents of the drive itself. It locks up my PC whenever I do.

Si > : )

  keef66 16:37 29 Oct 2007

how bizarre. So you can right click and see properties, but if you right click and choose explore, it crashes?

Can the hdd be properly viewed if it's installed in another pc?

Can you run the chkdsk command on it?

  ImAFlump 19:21 30 Oct 2007

Yeah, can pretty much do everything as normal...except view the contents...I just get a screen saying searching for files...then it locks up. Will try CHKDSK on it. Think there's a problem with my C:\ too so will have to run it on that too. What's the command for CHKDSK so that it can fix the drive?

Si > : )

  keef66 11:50 31 Oct 2007

at the command prompt type chkdsk /r

  keef66 13:07 31 Oct 2007

that's wrong; try chkdsk D: /f (assuming it's the D drive you want to check)

It may say it can't do it and offer to do so at the next restart. Try that

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