Ca'nr run checkdisk with XP

  Pan Man 19:12 11 Jun 2004

My PC has locked up a couple of times when closing down and I have had to do a hard reset. I thought I would run check disc to see if everything was ok but it will not run. I get the message "checking file system on C, type of file sytem is NTFS, cannot open volume for direct access." Thought I would boot into safe mode and try from there but repeatedly tapping F8 brings up the menu for safe mode which I choose and press enter then I am asked to choose my operating sytem which I do and ENTER again then all I get is a doss list of files and the computer hangs and I have to do a hard reset again. Anyone got any idea of the problem PC is an Athlon 3000 with 522 mb Ram running Windows XP Pro.

  rawprawn 19:27 11 Jun 2004

When you boot in Safe mode it does take much longer before all the "dos type" files load. Are you sure that you have waited long enough? Also can you run a system file check (Start/Run type sfc /scannow (watch the space between sfc and/scannow) you will need your OS disc.

  SANTOS7 19:29 11 Jun 2004

Cannot lock volume for direct access
Cannot open volume for direct access
This can be caused by a 3rd party application locking the partition such as a virus checker or disk monitor tool. To correct disable any 3rd party services or devices that may be locking the partition.

Start the Services control panel applet (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Services)
Select the service and click Startup
Set the startup type to Manual and click OK
Repeat for any other services
Start the Devices control panel applet (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Devices)
Set the startup type to disabled for any 3rd-party devices who you think might be causing the lock problem but BE CAREFUL. If you are unsure the device you are disabling may stop system startup create a second hardware profile and test (see 'Q. How can I safely disable a device?').
Restart the machine, the drive should no longer be locked

  spikeychris 19:29 11 Jun 2004
  Pan Man 22:00 11 Jun 2004

Ran sfc /scannow and it didn't report any problems. Am a bit worried about disabling things in Services which appear to be in Control Panel - Administration Tools on my PC,so I disabled my virus checker AVG in msconfig. There does not seem to be any disc monitoring tools on my system, certainly none I have put on since I was last able to run checkdisc. Still couldn't get into safe mode after waitin 20 mins for the dos screen to go and still drive is locked. I restored an image of my drive with Powerquest Drive Image which I had taken a couple of weeks ago and now I can get into safe mode but still the disc is locked. I also get the warning that it is locked every time the PC boots up now before loading into Windows. How do I cancel the scheduled task it has set up. It's not in Task Manager.

  rawprawn 16:59 12 Jun 2004

I would follow spikeychris's link. If you print it out first then follow it closely it should solve your problem. He has shown me the way many times.

  Lead 21:55 12 Jun 2004

When you say you have restored your drive, did it include the anti-virus software? I know Norton 2004 has a boot protection option that stops disk checking. It's a simple case of deselecting a little box. Maybe it's the same for whatever AV you are running.

  pat2068 22:04 12 Jun 2004

zone alarm version 5 also stops diskcheck in xp as i found out the hard way went back to 4.5 and everything is ok leo

  Pan Man 10:46 13 Jun 2004

Tried spikeychris's suggestions and disables those services I thought may be causing the problems but still no good. I then booted from the CD and loaded the Recovery Console and ran checkdisc from there. It ran but took ages as it surface scanned the whole disc. It said it had fixed a couple of problems. I then ran checkdisk in windows again and found that if I ticked the box "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" it ran without a reboot but again took ages. If I ticked the box "automatically fix file system errors" it asked for a reboot and didn't run, but didn't bring up the warning that the drive was locked. I don't have Norton but do have Zone Alarm 5 which I disabled but with same result as above. Anybody know where the task is stored to check on restart? I'm a bit further forward now that I can do a full disc check. On checking on other forums it seems that this is a very common problem and a solution has not been found yet.

  MartinT-B 11:15 13 Jun 2004

http:// default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;823439

copy/paste, removing the gap after each /

  MartinT-B 11:17 13 Jun 2004

In case it doesn't work, this is what the page says:

Cannot Open Volume for Direct Access" Error Message When Chkdsk Runs at Startup

When you schedule the Chkdsk utility to run at startup, you may receive an error message that is similar to the following when you restart the computer:

Cannot open volume for direct access.

The type of the file system is NTFS.

IFSUTIL: Can't open drive. Status returned = c0000043.

Windows has finished checking the disk.

Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.

Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition


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