Canoscan3200F incorrect printed colours

  bpzoom 21:44 05 Jul 2004

Seek advice from anyone with a Canoscan3200F scanner. Spent hours looking at Canoscan online manual, and many efforts at printing from scanned images. I am unable to reproduce the correct colours from a scanned image. Colours look correct on the screen but not on the final print. Windows XP Home, Epson C80 printer, scanner as described.All drivers are latest. I changed settings in Epson driver, same results. Greens are blue, browns are purple, colours just do not print correctly. Any advice appreciated. Surely the scanner should reproduce a close likeness to originals without interference from me? No problems with HP scanner at work, the printed colours are near perfect without adjustment. All my originals are envelopes with various postage stamps and postmarks etc, and picture postcards.

  georgemac 22:00 05 Jul 2004

I too have a 3200f and used it to scan hundreds of old photos to pc and burn them to dvd to play on my dvd player/widescreen TV. All perfect, colours and quality were and are great.

I scanned a photo and tried to print it out on my canon i350 and the colur reprodcution was very poor. I also printed a colour photo taken from my sony dsc-v1 on the same printer and the results were excellent.

I really never gave it much thought until I saw this thread. Sorry don't have a soloution but you may not be alone.

  Newuser38 22:09 05 Jul 2004

Never had this problem with the 3200F. I note on the instructions for film scan that it mentions that if colors differ between previewed and scanned image use advanced and calibrate. This should only be done when necessary. Para 3 on the instructions.

Which operating system are you using. Have you upgraded from 98 to XP since you got the scanner??

  bpzoom 22:28 05 Jul 2004

NewUser38, Thank you.I have been on XP Home for a long time, but the scanner is new. When you say instructions, there is only the online manual so which is para 3 to which you refer please? I have tried the Canoscan manual to exhaustion and do not find it user friendly. I extracted the following under "Troubles" Symptom 10. "Colouring of printed image does not match the original".
1. Printers driver colour balance and gamma value settings do not match those of the printer.
Solution 1 is Manually adjust the printer's driver's colour balance settings. Done that no difference.
Solution 2 change the printer driver's gamma value settings, done that no difference.
Solution 3 Activate the Colourgear/colourSync Colour matching (See ScanGear CS section). This looked hopeful except I cannot find it anywhere in the Canoscan online manual!! If you know where it might be please advise.
Getting desperate!

  Sans le Sou 22:32 05 Jul 2004

Have you done a print head check,sounds like the yellow is missing

  bpzoom 22:47 05 Jul 2004

NewUser38 and Georgemac I found this is the CanonScan online glossary:-Canon ColorGear (Windows)
A proprietary Canon technology for matching the color profiles of different input (scanner) and output (displays or printers) devices to yield consistent color between devices. Without it, for example, the colors output by the printer may be slightly different from those shown on the display. Canon ColorGear is the technology that reduces the differences.

If I could Canon ColourGear I might get somewhere! Any ideas wher it is, and why does it say Windows?

  bpzoom 23:23 05 Jul 2004

Sans le Sou. You are right the yellow is missing on the test. I had previously done a few tests in Word with various coloured text and found the colours such as blues and greens seemed OK. I assumed the colours were there. The Epson test shows yellow is not. The yellow cartridge shows half full, but several cleans since will not bring it back to life. Looks as if I will have to change it and then see what happens. While the thread is still open, I would still like to know where the Canon ColourGear (Windows) facility lives, in case there are still differences between the image and the printed result. Thanks anyway.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:02 06 Jul 2004

but the colour profile settings for printer epson usual where it shows up most. But also it is not a fault with the printer.

In the Epson driver or other brand printer settings in the properties of the printer located in the control panel printers talk for e;g about Epson there is controls to be able to change the shades/contrasts of print outs.

Also if using a clone cart/or refil can result in this but my bet as I have seen it before is the adjustment of the printer tones/contrast settings.

It is trial and error to get it spot on.

  bpzoom 00:40 06 Jul 2004

DiDumms, Yes OK but I may have been there already, as changing the Epson driver settings did not work.I will try again though once I get the yellow cartridge either to work or replace it. Regarding the Canon ColourGear within ScanGear CS, which permits colour management to enable printed colours to match scanned image colours, I finally found it in the online manual, and my setting is correctly set to use it. Unfortunately the small print says the Arcsoft software supplied with the Scanner does not permit the use of Canon ColourGear!!so it is a pity they included it. I will probably have to find an application program which supports colour management.

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