Canoscan 9950F - no power

  jeano 16:32 22 Sep 2007

I bought this canner just under three years ago for about £300. I wanted to archive a lot of old slides at this one will take 12 at a time. After a few experiments, I realised that it was going to take a long time as most slides came out incorrectly positioned on the preview and had to be manually adjusted. It was then one of those jobs I put off till I had more time. Since then the scanner has sat on the desk but not connected. So, in my opinion is still brand new as I only used it for a few weeks.

I recently bout a new PC and decided to tackle this mammoth task only to find that there is no power getting to the scanner. Changed the fuse and tested the plus end of the power adapter - tested OK. I've seen a replacement power adapter for £37 but am wondering if the problem could be elsewhere? Does anyone have any experience of dealing with "dead" scanners?

  jeano 16:35 22 Sep 2007

For canner read "scanner"

For "plus" read "plug"

  HCOOH 17:12 22 Sep 2007

They don't usually put switches on scanners these days but could the fiends have put one on this model. Do not wish to imply that you may not have thought of this already.

  jeano 17:49 22 Sep 2007

Yes there is a power switch on the scanner - although it is well hidden. It is underneath button panel for COPY/SCAN/PDF/EMAIL options. I have tried this. There is also a power led which is not coming on - which is how I determined that it was a power problem. As I say I only used the device for a few weeks and tht was nearly three years ago. I'm just wondering if it can be anything else - like a bulb or something - but I expected the power led indicator in any event.

  jeano 21:23 20 Oct 2007

Problem turned out to be faulty power supply unit. Cost £45 to replace. Scanner now working.

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