CanonBJC3000 printing but no ink on page!!

  Pilch.... 20:48 27 Feb 2003

I have just replaced the cartridges in my canon BJC 3000 with the proper one's, yet now i am not getting any ink appearing on teh paper even though the printer acts like it is printing normally.

It is over a year old, and at the moment it hasnt had colour cartridges for a bit, but the black still functioned properly and has now stopped working!

XP Pro, ECS K7S5A, 3 new colour cartridges...

  graham 21:08 27 Feb 2003

I have a Canon, not the same model. If the cartridges fit into a 'holder' the ducts may be blocked. A new one comes with cartridges so they are quite expensive.

  Pilch.... 22:21 27 Feb 2003

perhaps give canon a ring.....

any way of unblocking the duct's?

  bruno 23:12 27 Feb 2003

I had the same problem with a different Canon and it turned out I needed a new Print head(the bit the cartrige plugs into on my model).Although they are expensive I saved a few quid by going to Cartridge Club UK for them.

  froggg 23:49 27 Feb 2003

sorry if this insults your intelligence,but you have removed the foil strip on the cartridges?they cant all be blocked!I think in maintenance there is an option to purge the system to clear the ink ducts. Also pop out a cartridge-if its dry on the bottom-dont touch!-its faulty.Have you reset the ink counter and realigned?

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