Canon S750: RIP. What now???????

  Faffingwaste 14:37 24 Feb 2007

Had my Canon S750 inkjet printer for four years and it's been superb.

It's also been incredibly cheap to run compared to its predecessor: a rip-off Lexmark (the manufacturer who give the printers away so as to charge 10 times that amount for the ink.)

The black jet on my S750 has "expired" and a repair with a new head would cost so much, it isn't worth it.

So can anyone recommend a suitable inkjet (with low running costs!) as a replacement?????? Thanks!

  Technotiger 15:08 24 Feb 2007

Hi, have always used Epson myself, but as you are used to Canon, I would advise you to continue with Canon - I am not familiar with their printers, but I am sure you can pick up a bargain on-line.

  jack 15:50 24 Feb 2007

The best advice is to stick with what you know but having said that stuff changes so much the Canon may be a dissappointment - who can say, you only have to watch the monthly charts in PCA to see the Ring a Roses that Epson Canon HP play
Like TT I'm with Epson.

  PaulB2005 16:38 24 Feb 2007

Stick with Canon.

You can try the range before you buy..... click here

My S630 has a replaceable print head - does the S750 not? Thought they were only about £50.

  Faffingwaste 17:11 25 Feb 2007

Thanks for the advice & suggestions, it is pretty bewildering, this see-sawing of position between Canon and Epson. I've never had an Epson, though have heard only good things about their quality -- then again though, this Canon has been so good, too, that I'm flummoxed over its replacement.

PaulB: I'll go follow that link you provided -- many thanks -- and review what's available now. As to an S750 repair / replacement print head, the thing is I only paid £82 for the S750 in what was then known as a Dabs' online auction (not sure if Dabs do them anymore) and this printer has been in more less 5-day a week use since acquisition.

So for the money spent, I've actually no complaints -- but forking out £50 now might not be too sensible an investment in view of its age. Still; I'll be really sorry to see it go, this is one printer to which I've become attached in every sense of the word!

Thanks again.

  PaulB2005 17:23 25 Feb 2007

The only thing i'll say is that in defence of Canon, if my S630 needed a new ink head then i'd consider replaceing it before buying a new printer. It's been brilliant for over 5 years now.

The only other advantage i can state of Canon over Epson is the clear ink tanks. You can see Canons use every last drop of the ink you pay for. Unlike Epson which retain a large % (apparently upto 30%) once they have "run out".

I have a client who uses a few Epsons. He replaces each one every 12-18 months because of various breakdowns and the "Service Light" problem - where the printer no longer prints but needs Servicing / Binning because the Waste Ink pad is full.

  Faffingwaste 18:39 25 Feb 2007

Point taken, Paul -- and thanks again!

Have to say, I'm being cautious right now. . . The problem (if one can call it that!) is that the Canon S750 excelled in mono text print quality -- very important to me, by virtue of occupation -- yet delivered great results as a photo-printer.

Looking at some reviews of models from all the major brands, I keep coming across bouquets for photo-printing and brick-bats for text output.

Obviously, many users have no need for a good ol' text printer (I recently printed off an entire 200pp manuscript in the S750's draft mode -- it was so sharp, legible, flawless and consistent there was no need at all to re-run in 'standard' output) so it's no wonder so many reviews nowadays emphasise photo print quality above all else.

So anyway. . . I'm still pondering!!

  Simsy 12:55 16 Mar 2007

and I had to replace the print head about 3 years ago...

It cost the best part of £90.

It's been excellent, for both text and pics, but it did cost me £160 back in 2001... and even then decent domestic printers could be had for about £50.



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