Canon S30 - no images in the camera

  stlucia 14:38 18 Aug 2004

A few days ago I used Windows Explorer to move all my Canon S30 image folders and files onto a network drive to free up space on my C:\ drive (there seems to be no option in the Canon software to move things about). After that, the Canon software became 'confused' about where the files are -- though it correctly displays all the thumbnails and notes, it won't display the full picture when I double-click on the thumbnail. But I can display it by using Windows and going to the correct folder, so that's not my real problem.

Today trying to download some new pictures the software reports 'No images in the camera', thought there are seven which can be previewed on the camera's screen. Even when I take another new picture, it still reports no images.

I put another CF card into the camera, and took a picture. That works okay.

So, my problem is, how can I get my images off the original CF card please?

  researcher 20:24 18 Aug 2004

It sounds like you may have changed the saved format somehow.

Try re-installing any software that came with your camera.

Try the canon website and help forums. If you can safely transfer the photos to a CD/website/anywhere that you can then access them, re-format the CF card in the camera.

  brambles 21:27 18 Aug 2004

May I suggest you go into a large Boots or Asda store where they have installed the latest digital printers. Insert your Compact Flash card into the machine and if there are any images on it they will be seen immediately. Could you have accidentally deleted them? if so search this forum because there are several links about recovering.

I've got the Canon Powershot S30 & I use the Zoom Browser Software for everything - downloading - viewing - printing.

They have improved Zoom Browser - it depends when you purchased the camera - I recently downloaded the latest version from their web site this is

  spanneress 21:32 18 Aug 2004 is just the thing you need..and it is free. Tried, tested and recommended!

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  stlucia 08:41 19 Aug 2004

Canon software has been reinstalled. It works okay if I put a different card into the camera, but for the card I'm interested in the pictures preview on the camera okay but the software on the PC won't download them because it reports 'No images in the camera'.

As researcher says, it's as if the format has been changed on the card or, more likely, a flag has been set to tell the PC software there's no pictures.

Its a company camera and PC, running Windows 2000. Neither I nor our IT department can get Windows to recognise the camera as an external drive -- it only seems to work with the Canon software. I tend to favour brambles' idea of taking the card to a high-street processor (or perhaps finding a mate with a card reader).

  Bagsey 16:34 19 Aug 2004

A friend had this trouble just a few days ago and we cured it by first removing to card to a safe place then remove all of the batteries and leave for a while for the camera memory to reset itself. Possible overnight should clear the cmos. Then re insert the batteries and try again. If your camera has a small deaf aid type cell to keep dates etc. dont forget to remove this as well. If all of this fails then you can always go back to Brambles idea.

  Salinger 16:58 19 Aug 2004

Have a look at this thread click here

  brambles 22:15 19 Aug 2004

Why not take the memory card out of the camera & try it in someone's Card Reader that has a compact flash socket?

Or another 'Compact Flash' camera!

  stlucia 20:33 20 Aug 2004

Bought a multi card reader and it sees all the images on the card, no problem.

Thanks to everyone who helped.

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