Canon printer - paper feed tray problem

  br1anstorm 15:34 16 Mar 2011

I have a Canon Pixma MP560 printer, connected wirelessly to two laptops, one running Win7, the other XP.

The printer has two paper feed trays, a cassette holding plain paper A4, and a rear tray which has to be used for photo paper etc.

Most normal A4 documents print out quite happily from the cassette feed tray. But I have a problem with one A4 Word document on the Win7 laptop. When I try to print, an error window comes up saying "rear tray empty" (which it is!). But I cannot get it to print using paper from the A4 cassette tray. I have set the printer-properties on the computer to feed paper from the cassette; I have set the paper source on the Canon Printer software as "cassette"; and I have adjusted the settings on the printer itself, using its display window, to take paper from the cassette.

Despite all this, when I try to print the document it still persists in trying to print drawing paper from the rear tray, and brings up the "refill rear tray" error message.

How can I get the printer to draw the A4 paper from the A4 cassette tray to print this A4 document? Could there be something in the format of the document itself which is overriding the printer software and telling it to print from a different feed-tray source?

  lotvic 16:27 16 Mar 2011

have you checked:
Open the Word Document and click on 'File' > Page setup > Paper tab, and look to see what is selected under 'Paper source'
Then lower down, click on 'Print Options' and check the settings in there

  br1anstorm 21:21 16 Mar 2011

Thanks lotvic - it seems the simplest or most obvious answer was the one I missed! Sure enough, that particular document had its Page Setup to specify "Rear Tray" as the paper source.

It had obviously printed OK on my older printer in the past because that earlier machine only had one feed tray.

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