Canon Pixma iP 1500 printer

  fly 12:12 21 Jul 2005

I'm thinking of buying this printer (having had trouble with both Epson and Lexmark printers). Its had a good write up and Canon sent me a trial print which was excellent. Has anyone used compatible cartridges with this printer that are successful, and if so what is recommended? Also is there any disadvantage in having the colours in one cartridge, i.e. if one colour runs out first, the other colours are wasted unless using ink refills. Anyone recommend the latter?

  BurrWalnut 14:46 21 Jul 2005

I have one as a second printer and it works well for a cheap printer. The compatible cartridges are about £1.80 each on Ebuyer and not much more expensive in places like PC World.

  fly 09:58 22 Jul 2005

Thanks for that BurrWalnut. I was waiting for more recommendations! I take it from your response that you have used compatible cartridges without trouble? The reason I ask is that as soon as I put in compatibles in an Epson CX5400 the ink jets were blocked; Epson service centre said "throw it away" (13 months old. I want a colour ink printer for photos only as I have a laser for B & W.

  The Kestrel 11:52 22 Jul 2005

If you can afford the extra to upgrade to the Pixma iP 3000, I would stongly recommend you do this. I have had one for about 6 months now. The print quality is excellent, and photoprinting is also excellent. It also has the advantage of separate colour ink tanks, so you only replace each colour as it runs out. Compatible cartidges from Choice Stationery are both very good quality and cheap. I certainly would not go back to an Epson printer having experienced the Canon.

  fly 16:45 22 Jul 2005

Thanks, The Kestrel I will check it out

  keith-236785 17:06 22 Jul 2005

i have a canon mp360 (scanner/printer/copier) and after a few compatible cartridges, the print quality suffered so badly that i couldnt use the printer for much other than draft quality (had to choose best quality to get a decent print). i removed and cleaned the printhead and bought some genuine canon ink and my printer is now ok again. i have decided not to use comatibles again as it wasnt worth it for me.....

i too have looked into the pixma 1500 but decided that i would stick with my mp360 a little longer and maybe buy the 2000 (pictabridge printing via usb cable) or 3000 (as this has cd printing too) at a later date.

genuine cartridges for the 1500 (BCI 24 BLK + BCI 24 COL) are available from staples for £5.98 for the black and £9.99 for the colour.

just remember, these are small capacity cartridges the black is aprox 10ml and the colour 14ml.

but it still doesnt cost mudh to replace both at the same time. my old printer was a HP930c and would cost £52 for a set of ink, far too much for buying in one go. thats why i chose the canon printer.

staples also do a compatible cartridge which was ok but not much cheaper than originals (about £3.19 + £6.49) click here&

good luck

  fly 07:50 23 Jul 2005

I have checked the details of the Canon Pixma 3000, very good reviews and not muuch more expensive than the 1500, so thanks, Kestrel for suggesting this, which is probably what I will go for. Paperman27: if only the manufactures would tell us the capacity of the cartridges (thanks for the data on 1500 cartridges) one could work out the cost/amount of ink for each make. Do you know the ink capacity for the 3000 cartridges?
Probably best not to use compatibles until the warranty has run out!

  keith-236785 20:12 23 Jul 2005

BCI 3 (black)


BCI6 (colour seperates 3 in total (Cyan,Yellow,Magenta)

i dont know the quantities but i would guess they are similar to the 1500 tanks (though the three colour together may add up to 15ml or so).

take a walk into pc world or staples and check them out.

good luck

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