Canon MP460 Printer Ink Refilling

  23790954 17:30 24 Jul 2010

As my daughters printer became faulty, I gave her my HP 109b printer/scanner, which I bought recently, and I have reverted to my year old Canon MP460, which I stopped using due to the price of ink cartridges. As I have empty chipped cartridges for this device, I am considering refilling them myself, but would like some advice on the matter before attempting it. Mainly: Due to the numerous ink refill websites there is, can anyone recommend a good site for purchasing the ink refills, and, when it comes to refilling a colour cartridge, which contains all the colours required, does the ink refill kits tell you how to fill these, with the necessary amount of inks.
Any advice on this matter would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all who offer advice.

  Graphicool1 18:26 24 Jul 2010

Refilling cartridges yourself has a learning curve, although not because it's rocket science! But when you're learning it can be a bit messy. You'd do well to wear a pair of lightweight, disposable gloves, some refill kits include these. Spread newspaper on your desk.

Yes, step-by-step instructions are included in the pack. They don't usually tell you the quantity of ink needed in each cartridge. You fill the syringe, making sure there's no air bubbles. Insert it into the correct hole - for the colour - push the needle all the way down in the sponge. Withraw a quarter of an inch (old money) then slowly squirt it in, until it stars to come back out the hole. Then stop and using kithen paper, soak up the excess.

I have one syringe for each colour and I mark them with a sticky lable. If you don't use all the ink in the syringe, leave it in it - storing them needle up - or squirt it back in the bottle.

Don't do it in your best clothes, for nomatter how often you do it or how carefull you are, you're sure to have an accident sooner or later. I live in rented accomodation and the cream carpet now has a rather interesting pattern in blue and red. But if you catch a spill quick enough, you can mop it up, as it's water soluable. Remember to have everything you need close at hand.

It isn't really that difficult, once you get used to it. Tell me though, why weren't you using clone ink, that isn't expensive and is better than paying through the nose for a branded one. Also you can now get Continuous Ink Systems 'CIS' they are a doddle to install and top up and megga cheap now.

  woodchip 18:38 24 Jul 2010

empty chipped cartridges, if these have be left for some time they will be no good to refill as the sponge inside dries up

  Graphicool1 18:40 24 Jul 2010

Unless you think that £17.99 Delivered including the ink, is too much then...
click here
Product Description
JR Refill Continuous Ink System suitable for: Canon PIXMA iP1200 · iP1300 · iP1600 · iP1700 · iP1800 · iP1900 · iP2200 · iP2500 · iP2600 · MP140 · MP150 · MP160 · MP170 · MP180 · MP190 · MP210 · MP220 · MP450 · MP460 · MP470 · MX300 · MX310 OEM Code : PG-40, CL-41

  23790954 20:27 24 Jul 2010

Many thanks for that info Graphicool1. I am very interested in the JR Refill Continuous ink, but to finalise my decision before ordering, can you tell me, exactly how big is the feeder tank, (roughly) and exactly where does it sit to feed the printer. Nowhere it can be knocked over etc.
As it is for a Canon MP460, this would be the ideal solution.
Many thanks for your help.

  Graphicool1 13:44 25 Jul 2010

Approximate measurements of whole unit that you see in the picture on the link are as follows...

Base (flared out feet bit) 5" X 5"
Height 5"
This in turn, holds the four individual 'Tank's', one for each colour and they measure...
3.05" X 3" X 1" each and hold a heck of a lot more ink than a cartridge. Hence less time filling, more time printing. I hope this helps.

I have bought one of these systems for my Canon Pixma MP160.

  Graphicool1 14:19 25 Jul 2010

Sorry, I didn't answer all your question's, in my haste to reply I overlooked a couple of things. Here we go...

The unit sit's along side your printer. Because of the shape of your printer and this unit they will snuggle up to each other.

Regarding how easy or hard is to knock it over, because of the flared base, - feet - and close proximity to the printer I would suggest it would be fairly difficult to knock this unit over.

The link I provided above, shows only one of many different types/unit's. As you would imagine, with many different prices. I'm showing this unit, because it's the best I've seen and the best price. Further to this here follows a link to a video on 'YouTube' instructing you how to fit the unit to an MP460, all units are fitted much the same way. In the video you will see the basic unit the guy is fitting. It would appear to be just tanks without a holder. In this case I would suggest it would be difficult not to knock them over?

  Graphicool1 14:22 25 Jul 2010

I'll get there eventually, the link for the video is... click here ¦¬] G1

  23790954 16:30 25 Jul 2010

Many, many thanks for all your help Graphicool1.

  Graphicool1 12:27 26 Jul 2010

You are most welcome, I was glad to be of help. ¦¬] G1

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