canon lide scanner

  fire 23:47 12 Feb 2003

im thinking of purchasing this scanner i was wondering if anybody has any thoughts...thanks

  Djohn 23:51 12 Feb 2003

I have the Lide20, smooth, quiet, and good results, also software very easy to use. runs at USB2 if you have the facility! for the price, £50-00 approx. Then good value for money.

  'oppy 23:59 12 Feb 2003

I have a lide 30, pretty good, takes both usb connections, very slim, can be stood on its side on a little bracket (supplied) if your stuck for space

  fitshase 00:04 13 Feb 2003

I thought that I should advise you of the following:

My dad bought the Canon Lide 20 because it was advertised as USB2. He purchased the scanner and paid £15 for a USB2 PCI card so he could take advantage of the higher speed.

He tried the scanner in the original USB port and timed it. He then installed the USB2 PCI card and tried it using USB2. It took exactly the same time!

When he contacted Canon, they replied that USB is now called USB2 and that USB2-High Speed is the faster standard! In other words, they renamed USB to USB2 and renamed USB2 to USB2-High Speed!!

This proved very confusing and even the guy in the shop (John Lewis - the shop name not the guy!) thought USB2 was the high speed standard.

Just thought that you should be aware of this in case you, like my dad, fork out for a USB2 scanner and a USB2 PCI card only to be disappointed.



  Djohn 00:18 13 Feb 2003

fitshase, depends on which O/S you are using, will work at speed 2 on 98 and me through PCI card, but win XP needs download patch.

I may be wrong but I think the difference in speed is data transfer, not the speed of the actual scan. Regards. J.

  faichfolds 00:21 13 Feb 2003

Absolutely correct

  fitshase 00:27 13 Feb 2003

Cheers for that, where would I get the patch from for XP?

As for the speed, I thought that a scanner transfered the data as it scanned therefore making a USB2 scan faster?



  goonerbill 00:31 13 Feb 2003

faichfolds, ya been watching to many churchill adds :))

have lide20, great scanner as far as i'm concerned. which ever model you choose would be a good pruchase

  faichfolds 00:34 13 Feb 2003


  Djohn 00:34 13 Feb 2003

fitshase, your welcome, in fact I had to do a quick check on the canon site to double check that it is in fact USB2.

Patch is on service pack 1. Also if you are on XP then you will be able to run direct from the M/Board if it supports USB2, rather than through the card. J.

  fitshase 00:53 13 Feb 2003

On the Canon site it does say that it is USB2. However, like I said before, Canon told me that they have replaced "USB" with "USB2" (even though it is one and the same). The USB2 standard (the one that is the high speed standard), they have called "USB2-Hi-Speed". Therefore, if you buy a "USB2" scanner, you are in essence buying a normal "USB" scanner and not a "USB2-Hi-Speed."

They said, and I quote, the following about the Canon LiDE 20 scanner:

"Please be advised that USB2 is the equivalent to USB1.1. USB2 Hi-Speed is the new faster specification for USB. Your scanner is USB2 not USB2 Hi-Speed therefore scan speeds will remain the same."



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