Canon Lide 80 & XP problem

  Brirev 11:21 10 Sep 2010

I've just bought a Compaq netbook running XP. I'd like to run my Lide 80 scanner from it. I think that I have managed to install the driver/interface but when I try and install the user program i get the message "Requires VGA or better resolutions" Current display resolution is 1024x576 and cannot be increased on the properties-settings tab.
Can this be got round?
If not, I seem to recall there are some free interface programs out there - any pointers please?

Many thanks!¬

  Audio~~Chip 12:34 10 Sep 2010

This is because the software will not run on Onboard VGA. If not the actual Driver but the picture software

  Audio~~Chip 12:36 10 Sep 2010

it should read "It is not the Driver being the problem but the Adobe/Arcsoft software.

  Brirev 15:57 10 Sep 2010

...that it's not the driver software as such but instead the picture software is the problem - anything I can do about this? As I hinted above, a while ago I came across some free picture software that solved the problem: any suggestions on this please?


  Audio~~Chip 20:52 11 Sep 2010

Yes there are quite a few free pic software programmes, like Google's Picasa from click here

ebay have a programme but I carn't remember the name. Have you got a digital camera? these sometimes comes with picture software. Or within windows there is a built in software in the left hand pane of the My Pictures folder under Picture Tasks.

If you have Word, MS works, Picture IT, Office package(Publisher, Power Point or Word)

OpenOffice has a freebie Office equivalent which is from Sun who make Java. you could customise this install and just select the programme which suits your needs if you have not office programmes then install pretty much what you need for free from click here they might ask for a donation but its not compulsory

Sorry I am late getting back to your question!

  Brirev 21:25 12 Sep 2010

Thanks for the reply - I've discovered something new about OpenOffice (and Word, etc) namely that you can scan images in!

Meanwhile, I've being doing a bit more digging and would like to suggest to anyone else looking at this posting that you can get free OCR from:-
click here
Also, graphics editors from:-
click here
Lastly, just to mention that some sites say that you can download the following graphics editor for free, but it transpires that this is just for a trial period:-
click here

Thanks again.

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