CANON LiDE 200 Scanner on ebay

  tonyx1302 14:54 06 Jul 2010

I am looking to buy one of the above scanners for my very simple home scanning. They currently sell at £65-95(Amazon etc) but I have seen them on ebay from £35 and stating brand new etc. How do they do this and do you think they are genuine. As I'm a bit of a 'belts & braces' man should I buy from a name supplier?

Thank you


  woodchip 15:11 06 Jul 2010

Ebay £39 Plenty of other places at £59 With satisfaction you can take it back if its no good

  howard64 15:12 06 Jul 2010

I will not use ebay at all - try your local free ads they often have good secondhand scanners advertised for a few pounds and you can usually ask to see them working before you buy them. There are also places such as morgans that offer end of lines cheaper than original. There are a lot around now that the all in one printer/scanners have become popular and cheap. Tesco have been selling all in ones at around £35.

  tonyx1302 15:56 06 Jul 2010

Many thanks. I think I will try over places than ebay for the scanner


  woodchip 16:11 06 Jul 2010

all in ones from £34.99 plus post click here

  babybell 16:32 06 Jul 2010

Look at the sellers feedback rating. If it is 97%+ then you should have no problems in what they are selling

Always make sure its not there first sell, for example. My feedback is 107 (100%). Which means I have bought/sold 107 items and have received positive feedback on every purchase/sell, so you have good reason to trust me.

If the rating of the seller of the scanner is 2(50%) for example, then worth leaving alone.

  tonyx1302 17:41 06 Jul 2010

Thank you babybell. I will do as you suggest.Its just at the moment what with a tight budget, I was hoping to save a few pounds !


  Sea Urchin 19:51 06 Jul 2010

Good advice from babybell - I've bought scanners and suchlike from eBay in the past - and if you "use your noodle" it should be fine.

Here is an example of one that I would go for - not only fits the bill as above, but is also new, and one of a number being sold. Also a lot of helpful info down the page including feedback from prospective customers.

click here

  tonyx1302 23:56 06 Jul 2010

Thank you so much Sea Urchin. Prior to this post, I had emailed rosiebella...your post.. on ebay as her scanner price was one of the cheapest and asked about warranty/brand new etc and she replied very quickly and was very helpful. I have now checked feedback and everything else she has told me and am about to order from her.

At 70+, I have to watch the outgoings and cannot afford to throw money away. You have given me the confidence to think that you can get a bargain once in a while.
Thank you


  Sea Urchin 00:29 07 Jul 2010

Good luck, and I'm sure it will all be fine.

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