canon ix4000 washed out blacks + poor rez

  second best 19:17 23 Jul 2008

Hello. I have just upgraded, or at least i thought i had, to a canon ix4000 from my ip4200. the 4200 was ace, really good prints using ony 3 colours and 2 blacks.

the ix4000 uses the same cartridges, less one black, which is mainly used for printing docs, i think.

i know the ix4000 uses less rex to rpint, but the difference is appalling. Plus there's no deep blacks like i gat on the ip4200.

can anyone tell me why this is if using the same carts.?

i have printed using the same paper, and same image, checking setting are the same in both profiles.

  grey george 23:20 23 Jul 2008

If your using the old cartridges they may be on the way out, also the ones supplied with a new printer are not often full so may run out sooner than expexted. But from a quick search i see ix4000 as 4800 dpi x 1200 dpi and the ip4200 9600 x 2400dpi

  second best 23:52 23 Jul 2008

thanks grey george. I still use the ip4200, but wanted an A4. Neearly bought the 9000Pro but missed it at a great price in an auction, so settled for the ix4000.

i ordered it in too much haste, and now realise it doesn't except thick media, or print on cd's. feel a bit of a fool really, but to add to this, i just can't get deep blacks. same carts as ip4200. i only got it today, so there's plenty of ink. they're actually printing fine, but losing loads in print quality.

i suppose it's just the way it is. another 200 quid to get the one i want.

would anyone like to buy an almost brand new canon ix4000? :D

  second best 23:53 23 Jul 2008

dear me, my spelling is terrible.

doesn't accept thick media.

I wanted an A3.

  second best 23:58 23 Jul 2008

how can they justify less quality, less ink, but more expensive. i'm am definitly feeling a fool.

i suppose though, they're suggesting to print A3, you're looking at the print from further away, so detail is less imortant. but A3 isn't that big that you can half the quality, surely.

the same with the paper too. you'd expect the paper to get cheaper, but it's more than twice the price. what happened to things getting cheaper the more you buy.?

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