Canon IP5000 only likes Canon Paper any help?

  [email protected] 20:35 29 Apr 2005

Bought a new Canon Pixma IP5000 (see thread entitled "Do I need a new USB lead?").
Have discovered the prints are great on Canon Photo Pro Paper, but on Kodak Photo Paper they are very poor (using setting "Other Photo Paper" and high Quality).
Any suggestions other than having to buy Canon Paper all the time?I do lots of prints for my daughter to take into school and prefer not to use such expensive paper for those (but still want a decent quality).

  russmini 20:53 29 Apr 2005

Have to get back to you properly cause i use an IP5000 and certainly use Fuji Glossy photo paper and Kodak everyday photo paper and i have always got superb results.

Get back to you in a bit.

  russmini 21:15 29 Apr 2005

Try this link click here

You can do this with all makes of paper, select your printer from the list, then it tells you exactly what settings to use.

Hopefully this will sort you out.

If not, sorry don't really know.

  [email protected] 21:54 29 Apr 2005

Thanks I will try that- I was so upset on the Canon Photo Paper Pro the results are stunninmg on my Kodak paper quite poor but settings are a prob (other photo paper is rubbish!) Will let you know how I get on- appreciate your help!

  justme 23:48 29 Apr 2005

Have you tried printing on Kodak paper while setting the printer to Canon's own paper? It is extremely unlikely that the printer can detect that the paper is not Canon's.

It could just be a marketing ploy by Canon to set up the printer for best results when you set it for their own paper and to set it for less than optimum results when set to a competitors paper.

  jack 08:35 30 Apr 2005

Be assured that an ink jet printer, any inkjet
printer will deposit ink on any surface passing through. Even Shredded Wheat Packet.

You did not say what type of image your are printing,Graphic or Text.

Text:- any good photocopy paper of 80/90 GSM
The Post Office is doing a reasonable one for 1.99 a ream.
With Copy paper it is important to know that even this has a 'good' side
On all packets of copy paper -any brand- you will see an arrow pointing up- This indicates 'good' side on top.
If in doubt put a corner between your lips- the side that sticks is the good side.
For Photo Images I prefer Ilford Galleria,
Good prices from click here

When printing on photopaper the best resuelts seem to be when the printer is set to 'Transparency'
This setting uses less ink and gives sharper images.
On the ink usage score take a look at
click here this device really works
a trial down load is available.

  [email protected] 15:45 30 Apr 2005

Thanks for the help but I am not imagining the difference in the results in priniting photos. There is a HUGE diff between using Canon Photo Pro Paper and Kodak Photo Paper. I am sure it is in the settings & Russmini's info has improved the quality but the diff. is still vast!
PS I have inksaver installed, I didn't see the transparency option but will try it.
I will check out the Ilford paper. The website looks good for Canon stuff too! Thank-you!

  jack 18:17 30 Apr 2005

The mention of Kodak photo paper reminds me of when a friend showed me some prints on a Paper from Kodak, They too looked to say the least 'odd'
It turned out that the material was not in fact paper but a plastic which claimed to be double sided.
Needles to say I did not buy any -

  toxin 22:33 30 Apr 2005

Hi Debe!

Forget the Kodak paper.

Get some Fotojet Professional from Choice Stationery.

Personally I prefer the matt, and I get brilliant results with my 4yr old Canon BJC8200.

  [email protected] 00:14 01 May 2005

Interesting Jack- mine is double sided!! Thanks for the advice toxin, will try the Fotojet also !
Is choice an online company?

  Rogerfredo 09:28 01 May 2005

My Epson 875DC photo printer will not work with Kodak Ultima paper, so all inkjet printer /paper combinations do not give the same results.
(Ultima paper seems to "puddle" the ink).
Some inks are dye type, and some are pigment type. These react differently to the paper coatings. Have you tried the paper sold by Aldi?
It gives a slight yellow tint compared to Epson paper(on my printer), but this can be corrected in the software.

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