Canon iP4600 - must I buy software to print CDs?

  renard 23:04 23 Jul 2009

The printhead on my Canon iP4500 has failed after less than 18 months (fine white lines all across photos, no amount of head cleaning will cure it). A new print head costs nearly as much as a new printer!

As it is less than two years old, Canon Service Centre have offered to take it in part exchange for the latest model, the iP4600, at a bargain price.

According to product comparison, the 4600 seems identical to my 4500 except for two important things:

(1) the 4600 ink cartridges produce considerably fewer pages / photos than the 4500, so presumably the running costs will be much more. Please can any 4600 user comment on this?

(2) I need to print CD / DVD discs. Under "Software Included", Canon's comparison says the 4500 includes "CD-LabelPrint", but the 4600 apparently does not include this. Will I have to buy additional software to print onto CD / DVD on the 4600, or will it be OK?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  beeuuem 23:52 23 Jul 2009

The IP4600 does include the label print software .
From click here
Print on DVD/CD
Managing your data storage is easy as you can personalise your DVDs and CDs for business, friends and family. Simply print direct onto the surface of the printable DVD or CD. CD-LabelPrint software lets you create layouts by adding your own text and images.

  renard 00:09 24 Jul 2009

Thanks for that.

But if you look at Canon's spec here

click here

and look under Software Included, it does not include LabelPrint.

The spec for their 4500 model DOES include LabelPrint.

Before purchasing, I am hoping that someone with experience of the 4600 will confirm absolutely that it will print on DVDs out of the box.

  beeuuem 00:10 24 Jul 2009

You are correct the cartridges for the IP4600 are much smaller. The 4500 cartridges are 17ml, those for the 4600 are 9ml.
Depending on the amount of printing you do a CISS may be an option.
I don't do huge amounts of printing but with CISS on my 4500 doing a full colour document is not a worry. The tanks hold 100ml and in 13 months I have only added 25ml of black.
click here offer refillable cartridges or a CISS

  beeuuem 00:19 24 Jul 2009

I agree it doesn't actually say that the disk is included although I suspect that it is.
If it isn't you can get it from click here
item 10 on the list.
It is actually the same as for the IP4500 so you already have the software.

  Stuartli 00:21 24 Jul 2009

As you already use the software to print CDs and the printer specifications are similar, it has to be presumed it would also work with the later model.

However, see:

click here

  renard 21:31 24 Jul 2009

Very many thanks to everyone for your valuable advice.

I think I will take the plunge and buy the 4600 on the assumption it will be OK.

Thanks again.

  Muergo 03:37 25 Jul 2009

I have had an iP 6700D for 3yrs and it has been utterly reliable, I print a lot of photos, the 6 tanks are 13ml each and I have never had to clean the head.
I always use proper Canon cartridges, the only time I tried compatibles there was trouble with the chip and also colour rendition wasn't as good.
Cheapest original tanks are from Choice, they are pounds cheaper than anywhere else I have found.

Don't forget that cartridges supplied with printer are much less volume, about half.

It definitely prints direct onto CD/DVDs without label, but of course you have to buy white faced discs.

Will print direct from camera and from cards without PC.

D signifies Bluetooth availability, but never used it as cable is better.

  Proclaimer 11:18 25 Jul 2009

click here you can print direct to the CD if your hardware supports it or buy the Avery CD Labels to print to and stick them to the disc

  JoeC 12:40 25 Jul 2009

I bought this printer and can say that it is superb. Photos are brilliant (using good paper), prints are fast, and you have the facility to print CD labels (or directly onto white faced discs) with the included CD Label Print software. The ink tanks are a miserly 9 mls but do last an amazingly long time. The photos are supposed to be guaranteed fade free for (I think) 100 years - something to do with the "chromalife" ink. If I had the option to buy another printer, I would still go for the IP 4600. Replacement tanks from 7dayshop are £34.97 in total - Comet are asking something like £45 or more.

  renard 13:08 25 Jul 2009

Thanks again for the advice.

I have now bought the 4600.

It does include LabelPrint software - so I wonder why Canon doesn't say as much in the spec on their website?

If anyone is thinking of changing to the 4600, you may wish to know that the Canon Service Centre took my 4500 in part exchange and gave me a brand new 4600 for just £33.35. Apparently this offer is a "goodwill gesture" by Canon, provided your old one is less than two years old. I don't know whether you can do the same with other printers - might be worth calling your nearest Service Centre.

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