Canon ip4500

  jon2 16:20 20 Oct 2008

I have just started useing my new Canon ip 4500 and I am very disapointed, my previos printer an HP 1220c was getting on a bit so I thought a later model would be better, I have printed out photos that I have previously printed on my HP and they are no where as good, I was expecting better. Any one had the same experiance.

  stevep21 20:11 20 Oct 2008

In what way are they not as good. How are you printing ? By that i mean are you printing via Photoshop or other program. I have the same printer and I havent had a problem. I just print using the Windows printing wizard and all is fine.
I did get some odd results using Photoshop elements to print at first so I stopped using that!

  Taff™ 07:38 21 Oct 2008

I have both those printers as well and the Canon is just as good. Tell us more.

  jon2 09:55 21 Oct 2008

I get a lot of jagies and although I know you can get rid of this that spoils the photo, also the photos are not very good at all, if I print out on the HP they are much better. The photos photos are 10 Mg pixals so not poor quality to start with. I do use Photshop but I cannot see why that should make any diferance. Many thanks for your help.

  Salut 10:01 21 Oct 2008

I have used a Canon ip4500 for some time-the choice was that of my son. At the time he was completing his Art A level (he got an A). He never once commented on the picture quality, a number of which were part of his final paper/presentation.

I have used same for printing many photos and cannot agree with the comment of 'jagies'.

I shall show him your query when he comes home this evening.

  johnincrete 15:03 25 Oct 2008

My 4500 is brilliant considering its cost & I use cheapo paper. Do sometimes have to clean the nozzles. I see no difference with Canon cartridges and refils from Cartridge World.

My dissapointment is that the 4500 cannot print onto transparencies for overhead projectors. My 3000 can. Canon confirms the problem.

  brambles 16:54 25 Oct 2008

Just as important as the printer is the paper you are printing on. Putting in the best glossy paper for example doesn't automatically print in high quality - that has to be selected in printing preferences. This wasn't the case in my older Canon if you selected Glossy paper it would automatically print high (and expensive) quality.
I use Canon Matte Photo Paper MP101 looks classier than a high gloss in a lot of circumstances.

  odavey 15:03 07 Nov 2008

Hi Jon2,

I'm also experiencing porr quality with my recently bought ip4500. The results look like cartoons rather than photos, with weak colours. All the cartridges are new, I've run a nozzle clean & test, and changed the settings on my preferences - all to no avail.
Any ideas what could be the problem?

Many thanks.

  jon2 15:36 07 Nov 2008

I have now solved my problem, I use photoshop to do all the image work then print useing the software that came with the printer, (easyphoto) to print from and this works fine, although I cannot understand why you cannot print from Photoshop direct, it the only printer that I have had that this as been the case. (This was the advise I receaved from Canon)

  gaborr 17:06 02 Dec 2008

jon2, johnincrete!

I have both those ptrinters. My 1220c is old and tired I think, but my ip4500 is brand new. I think it prints much more better...

I had printed from photoshop, indesign or illustartor in same quality.

And ip4500 CAN print onto trancparenies. I have printed on it yesterday. It is fine!

I choosed phtopaper glossy and best printing quality..


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