Canon ip4300 - Colour "flooding"

  373Bob 17:01 09 Feb 2009

My Canon printer has, of late, decided to give an overall magenta tint when printing any kind of illustration regardless of quality or paper selected. It started by just affecting "photo paper" printouts, but as I say all illustation prints are now being affected. I have run the cleaning process (including deep cleaning) several times, but to no avail. It would appear that the problem is not really one of blocked jets, but more of a "flooding" problem. Any advice would be appreciated. I am currently thinking of going down the new print head route, but at £40+ a pop I would like to avoid it if possible.

  kindly 18:25 09 Feb 2009

One thing I know is that after a lot of printing the printer head can wear out. Thats the cradle that the cartridges sit in. If you are using the compatible ink cartridges you might find its them to blame.
I had a similar problem a year ago and that is what mine was caused by. If you have changed the little micro chips to those cartridges just be sure you dont mix them because they are colour specific.

  373Bob 22:24 09 Feb 2009

Hi Kindly
I don't think that the printhead has worn out, as it is only around 6 months old - though anything is possible I suppose. With regard to the compatible cartridge thread, you could possibly have hit on it. I have been using compats, but only the pre-chipped ones. However, on the last change over of the magenta cartridge I was not able to get my usual (normally reliable) brand and another was substituted. Maybe if I did a head clean and changed the cartridge it may work out. Anyway thanks for your response

  tes 19:33 11 Feb 2009

I have the same problem.Anybody know the answer?

  tes 16:19 18 Mar 2009

Any answers on this yet,did you try some cannon cartridges 373Bob

  amonra 19:51 18 Mar 2009

I had a similar problem some time back, all my prints were looking "greenish". I tried all the usual cleaning techniques to no avail, then I discovered that the breather hole was partially blocked on the cyan cartridge, the piece of sticky tape had not been removed totally, thus no ink (or intermittent ink flow) from that cartridge. Have a check, cant do any harm.

  woodchip 20:21 18 Mar 2009

Have you tried a simple Print Test Page?

Go to Start\Settings\Printers right click your Printer\Properties Print Test Page. For missing colours

  tes 21:24 18 Mar 2009

Yes & there are no colours missing just a slight difference in shade on the grey

  woodchip 07:59 19 Mar 2009

Looks like you need a new Printer

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