Canon IP4000 Gone Down

  Derek 06:16 11 Feb 2006

Had this printer for 13 months and it's just failed me.
It won't print black (that's the large cart).
I've tried everything including 3 new carts plus all the trouble shooting advice in the manual.
Sent an email request to Canon via their site Support Page some four days ago and haven't heard anything. Tried to phone the support number but it's constantly engaged.

Any advice please.

  ICF 06:40 11 Feb 2006

Have you tried a cleaning cartridge?

  Derek 06:50 11 Feb 2006

Thank you ICF, I didn't know such a thing existed since there's no reference to it in Canon Support pages !

  David4637 13:04 11 Feb 2006

You probably need to clean the print head. They can usally be unclipped and removed. Wash in distilled (both sides - be careful on the inside though) until all colour stops then leave over night in a saucer of distilled. David

  ICF 13:09 11 Feb 2006

Were do you get "distilled. David" LOL

  Totally-braindead 13:19 11 Feb 2006

I haven't seen a cleaning cartridge for a Canon printer, I'm not sure if they exist.

  ICF 13:40 11 Feb 2006
  ICF 14:34 11 Feb 2006

Cleaning cartridges

click here

  David4637 14:58 12 Feb 2006

Buy distilled water (ionized) at any chemist. Large plastic bottle £3 to £5 at most. Use it also in electric irons which have a steam spray for ironing. David

  clayton 15:16 12 Feb 2006

Black cleaning cart £1.85 + Postage £3.26

click here

The trouble you're having is a common problem with these printers, i have a i865 & the blacks just given up on that i spent £56 on a new print head as the new range of canon printers dont take compatable carts yet.

  Derek 05:35 13 Feb 2006

Thank you Clayton, have ordered a cleaning cartridge.
Thank you ICF for your advice on distilled water point taken.

David 4637.
Thank you David, could you confirm that it is possible to remove the print head by unclipping for a clean/check.
Canon Pixma IP4000.
Many thanks.

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