Canon i865 printer driver problem

  aidee 16:08 12 Mar 2005

For no known reason my Canon i865 is no longer properly installed. Has been OK for many months. No printer shown in Control Panel / Printers and Faxes. Uninstalling driver does not seem to work. Re-installing starts OK then after running reports 'Driver not installed'. Should I try something more drastic, an if so what? Please

  ade.h 17:08 12 Mar 2005

What driver version number are using?

Are you also using any of the utilities, and do they work?

USB or parallel connection?

  aidee 17:51 12 Mar 2005


I think the driver version is 1.73 (from the original CD). USB connection.

Everything else seems to work OK, but now the PC thinks there is no printer present, and that there is no driver installed...

  ade.h 18:00 12 Mar 2005

1.73 - Same as mine, and matches the latest available click here That would suggest that the driver isn't at fault.

  ade.h 18:05 12 Mar 2005

The copy you have may be corrupted in some way (long shot here) so try downloading the driver and see if that makes any difference. Don't forget to remove all references to Canon and/or i865 from your C: partition and possibly the registry as well, and reboot before trying to install again.

  aidee 18:37 12 Mar 2005

So far not so good. I've tried to remove all reference to the printer from the C-drive and the registry, although there is still Canon software associated with my scanner and camera. The same thing is happening - install appears to run and then fails to complete.

Do you think I have to wipe EVERYTHING and start again?

  ade.h 18:42 12 Mar 2005

No, I very much doubt if you will need to wipe your OS. It sounds like another piece of software is interrupting the driver installation. What Anti-virus, Anit-spyware and other utilities do you have running in the background?

  chub_tor 20:03 12 Mar 2005

I have this printer and also "lost it" for a while when I upgraded from Me to XP. Try removing the printer from Control Panel/Printers, then unplug the USB connector from the back of the printer. Re-plug it in and let Windows find it - it should automatically install a printer driver. This worked for me.

  ade.h 20:10 12 Mar 2005

Aidee, exactly what method are you using to install the driver software?

As chub_tor correctly states, XP does include a driver for the i865 in its driver catalogue (though you will likely find that it's not the latest) and it should install automatically. You can update the driver afterwards.

  aidee 21:58 12 Mar 2005

Thank you both very much - I'm trying everything you suggest but so far without success. Attempts at re-installing both from CD which is auto and from the downloaded driver using set-up which produces the same wizard. The first part, the User Guide, loads correctly. The 2nd, the driver, transfers files for 30%, registers the printer at 40% then flashes through the remainder too quickly to follow and declares installation complete, no driver installed!! McAfee Virus scan is clear. So is Ad-aware and Bill Gates' Spy Checker. I'll keep trying.

  aidee 09:20 13 Mar 2005

Have now discovered that, in Control Panel / Printers & Faxes / File / Add Printer (and also ../ File / Server Properties), the error message "Operation could not be completed. Print Spooler Service is not running." comes up. That could be a consequence or it could be the cause of the entire problem. I don't understand it.

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