Canon i865 - can't get print to fit on page

  User-3260B6E0-D40E-464F-B62478D4E17479D3 11:03 08 Jul 2004


Anyone got a Canon i865? I am trying to print an e-mail and the printer keeps chopping off the right hand side of the text. Using scaled printing at 90% doesn't seem to work and the printable version offered on the webpage isn't any more printable than the full version. Using fit to page doesn't seem to work either.

Can someone suggest what I could do with the setup to reduce the size of the information I want to print so I can get everything on a page width?


  broggs 14:00 08 Jul 2004

try copying the text and then pasting it to wordpad or msword.
Is it an email or a web page which you are trying to print?
My i865 prints emails ok.

I found that before and adjusted it down to 3.5 and 2.0 and I was still getting the RHS of the page cut off.

I figured I should be able to print out without having to copy and paste because the printer should be able to squeeze the page into a smaller space like you can do with Word or Excel. It is an e-mail on a web page ie the e-mail is not in Outlook.

  Wak 14:33 08 Jul 2004

If you go in to Printer settings, you should be able to use the paper in LANDSCAPE instead of PORTRAIT. It should all fit on the page then although you may need two pages instead of only one.

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