Canon digital camera

  pat-212841 20:13 27 May 2004

Hi when i try to run the disc supplied with the camera to install the software up comes windows media player and starts playing 3 songs !i have tried clicking on "my computer" where the book tells me to look for it but there is no CD-ROM icon there either, what am i doing wrong ?i am on Windows 2000 xp, thanks

  Old Shep 20:25 27 May 2004

Have you tried (with the cd in your drive) Programs/Run and then Browse to your cd drive and look for the installation path.

  pat-212841 21:15 27 May 2004

Hi yes i just done that it says to put a disc in ! but its there but not reading it ,

  ventanas 22:05 27 May 2004

Which Canon camera do you have, and is it 2000 or XP? You shouldn't need to install anything with the latter. Just connect the camera, or even better, use a card reader

However the fact that you have no CD-rom icon in My Computer may point to deeper problems.

  Gaz1234 22:26 27 May 2004

Did you connect the camera first ! - Try disconnecting the camera before trying to load the software - you may even need to reboot first !

  HXP 22:55 27 May 2004


I have a Canon and it installed no probs - but the earlier suggestion of a card reader about £7 is the best way to go.

If you do want to use the camera all the drivers are on the Canon website and they will be the latest up to date drivers.

As for your CD .... does any other CD work in it ?
Hold down the shift key when you insert the Disc that will stop auto runand stop any songs playing.

It could be a duff disc if others work ....


  woodchip 23:18 27 May 2004

Hold the shift key down when you put the CD in the comp until the CD drive light stopes flashing the go into Explorer have a look at the CD for a setup file to run double click it

  pat-212841 09:16 28 May 2004

Hi no the camera not connected , i have tried all the other suggestions still up come 3 songs that i can now know all the words too! It came with 2 discs and the other one has gone in ok so now i just going to Canon web page and get it from there but will try this disc on a friends computer as well, thanks for all your help.

  ventanas 10:53 28 May 2004

by email

Hi sorry to email you but i think i wil get a card reader i been on 7dayshop there is lots there does it matter what one i get ? i usually ask my brother but he is away,its a canon A80 ,windows 2000 XP many thanks .pat

I have a Canon A70, and I have never installed anything. I use a compact flash card reader, and presumeably so will yours. You must get the correct reader for your type of memory card. If using XP just plug it in to a USB slot and it will be detected, and show as a removeable drive.
When finished transferring images you must click on the safely remove hardware icon at bottom right of the taskbar. (this will appear when you plug the card reader in). Then follow the insrtuctions to Stop and remove the reader.

I'm still confused about your O/S. Is it 2000 or XP?.

  pat-212841 15:09 28 May 2004

Hi Ventanas,sorry its Windows XP

  pat-212841 09:37 29 May 2004

Just read the other instruction book that came with camera and Ventanas was right you dont need to download anything windows xp already has it on ! Dont call me no hope for nothing , thanks Ventanas.

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