Canon DC210 camcorder

  kimtrnc 12:02 10 Sep 2008

Normally quite with it - and I have had camcorders before, but discover I am unable to fathom instruction manual for this camcorder. anyone point me towards "idiot guide", or appropriate forum, please?

  Technotiger 12:49 10 Sep 2008
  kimtrnc 13:18 10 Sep 2008

thankyou Technotiger - that was EXACTLY where I started. It does not give me the answers - and the so-called Canon "help" does not allow a contact us - onlu another copy of the incomprehensible manual which I already have.....
Thanks anyway

  Desipio 05:10 11 Sep 2008

What are you trying to do with the camera?

  eedcam 05:31 11 Sep 2008

You could try this forum .click here
But youwill still need to be more specific as to what your needs are.As its a dvd camera your main point is make sure you record as Dvd - video and finalize the disc that way it should play on the pc or home player. On the pcmost editing software should be able to edit it and re burn as you want

  kimtrnc 07:14 11 Sep 2008

Desipio - thanks for answering. I am mainly trying to get to grips with what the camera does. I am therefore shooting small clips which I would then like to delete. The manual says I can delete immediately after filming, but the screen does not show an option for this. And trying to delte later gives the same result. I am sure it is me being feeble, but I do assure you I am not normally! Have been using still cams for approx 60 years, and camcorders for about 8.

  keverne 07:22 11 Sep 2008

Make sure you are using VR mode.

  Technotiger 07:53 11 Sep 2008

This is why I directed you to that Google page.

click here

If you click on the Library Tab in this Canon Forum you will then be able to type in your 'How to delete?' question.

Or have a good look through that Forum where you might find more help.

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