Canon compatible ink cartridges

  Flak999 17:10 09 Jan 2011

I have a Canon MX870 all in one printer and have just replaced the black ink cartridge with a compatible from a reputable supplier.

The printer then prints about two pages of a document before giving the error message U043 with the message that the printer does not recognise the cartridge. After much Googling and searching of Canon's website, and searching the sites of all the different ink suppliers I cannot find the answer to this problem.

If I remove the cartridge and switch the printer off and then reinstall the cartridge the printer will print another couple of pages and then give the same error message!

Is this a deliberate move by Canon to force everybody to use their own branded ink? If this is the case is it legal?

I bought the cartridge from click here and they say as do all the other ink suppliers that their cartridges are fully compatible with my printer. Is there a workaround to this problem or am I going to have to bite the bullet and pay the exorbitant cost of Canon's own brand cartridges? (I saw somewhere that on a litre for litre basis printer ink is more expensive than vintage Champagne!)

  Big L 266 17:59 09 Jan 2011


Flak999....Whilst I can't help you with your main query, I did check your link and looked up my own Lexmark inks. It was 'raised eyebrows' at the prices they charge for originals. I can see why you would be drawn to the less expensive versions.

I get my original Lexmarks through Amazon in the UK (via one of its online 'shops') at considerably less than the prices shown in your link.I have gone down the route of buying so-called 'compatible' alternate brands and wasn't very happy with the results.

I would direct you to consider having a look at the Amazon UK website where you may be pleasantly surprised at the costs.

I hope your other problem soon gets resolved.

Big L 266

  Flak999 18:43 09 Jan 2011

Thanks for your reply, I have looked on Amazon and a set of original cartridges for my machine would be £42.08! click here I paid £16.99 for a set of compatibles from the link I gave in my opening post.

At the price of the originals, after four sets I could have bought a new machine! Is it any wonder there is such a market in compatibles? The whole issue of ink prices is ridiculous, I would be prepared to pay more for the printer if the cartridges where then a reasonable price.

How can printer manufacturers justify charging on average £8.40 for 9 millilitres of ink!

  john 52 19:11 09 Jan 2011

Its maybe that your compatible cartridges are not chipped or correctly chipped

I have a Canon printer(MP560) and use Jet-tec from Britink

click here and I never have a problem with them

  john 52 19:22 09 Jan 2011


The ink cartridges I use are exactly the same ones as you .
1 x PGi-520 Black
1 x CLi-521 Black
1 x CLi-521 Cyan
1 x CLi-521 Magenta
1 x CLi-521 Yellow

You can get compatibles in Wilkinson's there own make which I have used before

  Flak999 19:28 09 Jan 2011

The compatible cartridges I have are all chipped, and when installed the red ink light comes on and stays on as it should.

I am also able to print for a couple of copies with no problem, but then I get the error message saying the printer does not recognise the cartridge!

I suppose it could be a defective cartridge, but I would of thought that if this was the case it would not work at all.

  john 52 19:52 09 Jan 2011

I do not get any red lights on the compatible cartridges ! only when the original Canon ones were in place ?
The ink monitor works just as before

  wee eddie 21:46 09 Jan 2011

They might/should have a suitable piece if Chip Resetting software available.

  Flak999 21:58 09 Jan 2011

Perhaps Canon have changed the firmware on my printer compared to yours? The MX870 is a relatively new model, and perhaps Canon have modified it's firmware to exclude any cartridge other than their own brand?

I would have thought that this was anti competitive and possibly illegal?

  Flak999 22:00 09 Jan 2011

I have already done so, there does not appear to be any chip resetting applications available. I would have thought that cartridges supplied by them would have had their chips programmed properly before they were dispatched.

  ashdav 00:33 10 Jan 2011

Try these click here for ink cartridges in the future.
I've used them for over 5 yrs and never had a problem.
Delivery is usually next day to UK but it's not advertised.

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