Canon BJC 600 Printer Power Supply Unit Required

  Nitin 02:35 18 Jun 2003

Need a power supply unit with power cable/lead for Canon BJC600 Printer. Anyone out there have one? Email me at [email protected] for address details. Thanks.

  The Spires 09:10 18 Jun 2003


  Agent Smith 15:39 18 Jun 2003

What is the rating on you adaptor ie 12 volts 2 amps etc? You don't necessarily have to get a canon adaptor.

  woodchip 15:56 18 Jun 2003

Also does it need a special plug for printer end

  pj123 17:09 18 Jun 2003

Try your local electrical shop. I bought a Power Adapter from my local electrical shop. it goes from 1.5v to 12v and can be changed from neg to pos earth, and has all the necessary plugs. you don't need to buy a specific product

  Nitin 20:50 18 Jun 2003

Agent Smith - I am not much of an expert but I am talking about the internal power supply unit which I think says 220-240v 50Hz 0.25amps.

woodchip - No I don't think so. The plug is the 3 pin male.

pj123 - Thanks for your advice but I need the internal power supply unit or something - this is what I have been told by a pc repair firm. They said it was expensive to buy one & the printer not worth repairing. How come they didn,t suggest what you are advising?

  wee eddie 22:28 18 Jun 2003

The cost in time and labour will far exceed the cost of a new printer.

However, if you find out what output is required you should be able to purchase a suitable external transformer and Hot Wire it.

"Agent Smith - I am not much of an expert but I am talking about the internal power supply unit which I think says 220-240v 50Hz 0.25amps."

I am almost certain that this figure is the recommended Supply Voltage and consumption maximum

  Nosmas 00:03 19 Jun 2003

I still have my old Canon BJ620 which I replaced with a Canon S520. The reason was that it suddenly refused to feed paper, and the repair shop said it was uneconomic to repair it.

So far as I am aware there was nothing wrong with the electrics, so if this model uses the same internal power supply unit as yours you are welcome to have it and "cannibalise" it to repair your machine. I live in Surrey so could you arrange for it to be collected or otherwise delivered to you?

If you are interested you can email me direct by clicking on the envelope at the side of my user-name.

  Agent Smith 16:54 19 Jun 2003

Awwe what a nice guy.

  Nitin 20:59 19 Jun 2003

Agent Smith - You can say that again. He has been in touch with me to arrange everything. Thank you Peter aka Nosmas.

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