Canon BJ-10EX Printer Manual

  archimedes 10:51 04 Mar 2005

I have bought an old Canon BJ10EX portable printer on Ebay but without the manual I can't work our how to use it - mainly where to feed the paper! I know that I sound like an absolute novice but I've been using computers for 20 years and it beats me! I can't even get it to print a test page even though everything seems OK when it's switched on.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Oh, and a Windows XP driver would help as well!
Thanks - please stop me feeling such a dumbo!

  Jeffers22 11:07 04 Mar 2005

The paper drops in from the top if I remember correctly. There is a gap for about 5 to 10 sheets max. This was the first PC printer I bought - for £200!

As for XP drivers, if XP does not recognise it I doubt there are any. You could try either the Cannon site of click here It is from back in the Pentium 1 133 days (pre MMX even) and I doubt if it will work under XP. Probably will under 98 though.

  Jeffers22 11:07 04 Mar 2005

try Cannon site OR click here

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