Canon 450 Problem

  swanny2 14:44 07 Jul 2009

This printer when i turned it on today wont Print,theres a green an Yellow light flashing,once green then 3 Yellow.
Ive checked for paper jam ,etc but still no joy,they are still flashing,any Ideas Please
Swanny :O)

  recap 17:13 07 Jul 2009

Have searched online for a possible solution without any results.

You could ask a Canon technician if you click here there are 26 online at the time of this post.

  Simsy 17:52 07 Jul 2009

for what the flashing lights mean... Do you have them sonewhere in your manual, or pdf on teh driver disc?

I would guess, if the printer has had soem significant use, that it's an error saying that the waste ink "pad" is full.

(If it's like my old Canon s630 the "pad" is a think sheet of felt like material that covers the whole of the bottom of the printer case. It said it was full when it could EASILY have taken 5 or 6 times as much ink!)

Assuming this is the problem you might be able to "reset" the counter using this method;

click here

Obviously I make no promises as to what will happen!

Good luck!



  swanny2 19:07 07 Jul 2009

cheers its still flashing yellow 3 times green once cheers anyway

  swanny2 19:12 07 Jul 2009

Its the canon i40 mate. oldish one but was working fine

  swanny2 20:57 07 Jul 2009

canon i450 sorry

  swanny2 15:02 12 Jul 2009

the damn lights still flashing 3 yellow then stays on green then flashes 3 yellow again. annoying this. no paper jams.altho when it starts up it seems as if its feeding paper but doesnt ?

  Sea Urchin 16:22 12 Jul 2009

Did you ask Canon tech as suggested by recap?

  lotvic 11:13 13 Jul 2009

Might be something that will work on yours on click here (

  swanny2 21:35 14 Jul 2009

Cheers mate still no joy . the Bin it is. ty all for advise

  swanny2 13:34 15 Jul 2009

Does any one know what other printer might use the same cartridges(ink) as i have a few spare ink cartriddges and dont want too waste them, if i get a compatible priinter i can ditch the old one

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