Canon 3200F - Multi Photo Mode Scanning?

  georgemac 16:31 08 May 2004

I have bought the above scanner to scan a lot of my old photos to the PC and put them onto DVD.

One of the reasons I went for this one was the ability to scan 3 photos and once and output them as separate jpeg files, but I am having no joy with this. I think it is because I do not have an application that will accept multiple output files?

Is anyone else using this scanner to do the above, and if so what software are you using?

  georgemac 08:12 09 May 2004

bump - sorry for the typo - should be scan 3 photos at once. May have to try canon tech support, it says if the application does not support multiple image scanning it will scan the 3 photos as 1 cropped image, which is what it is doing.

I installed all the software that came with it, Arcsoft photostudio 5.5 and Ulead photoexpress 4.0 se - none of them take the multiple photo scans.

  Demora 11:09 09 May 2004

Paintshop Pro 7 works fine with this scanner

Just tried it with 3 photos


  Newuser38 13:37 09 May 2004

I have one also. I think the bundled software is not as good as some of the others. I am pleased with the negative /slide scanning and use PSP6.

I see that Argos now sell this model at £59 and Jessops at £58 although PCW still have it at £69.

  georgemac 17:04 10 May 2004

I do not have paint shop pro, so went to download the trial version of psp 8.0 to try it, but it's 59 MBytes, I only have dial up (bb not available until August) and my connection will time out before the download completes (2 hrs) and I cannot get the download url to load into getright.

I have emailed canon tech support to aks which applications support this function - I thought as this was ones of the sales plugs with this scanner, suitable software would have been supplied with it - it is a retail package bought from Argos.

The scan quality looks superb (have been scanning at 1200 dpi), it is quiet and the usb2.0 interface is very fast. Very pleased with it apart from not being able to use it to it's full abilities due to the lack of software.

  hssutton 17:46 10 May 2004

My Scanner/software will not support multiple images, as a work around, I just scan in several images then "cut" them in my editing suite. Not quite the answer you are looking for, but it's simple and quick.

  georgemac 17:53 10 May 2004

yes that's what I've been doing too, but it takes a bit of time and that's why I bought the canon 3200f as it was advertised in the canon brochure as being able to scan multiple photos and output the images as separate files - it did not say anything about requiring compatible software.

Hopefully I will get a reply to my email to Canon.

  Smiler 18:55 10 May 2004

Here's your solution a patch to allow multiple photo scanning

click here

It's a 2mb download so you should be OK with it.

  Smiler 19:00 10 May 2004

Sorry just reread the page and it doesn't cover the version supplied by Canon. I think this stinks.

  georgemac 22:22 10 May 2004

From Canon literature for 3200F

"Multi-Photo mode enables trouble-free scanning of multiple images in a single pass. There is no need to waste time perfectly aligning images, rather, images can simply be placed onto to the scanner and the software automatically reads and straightens images before saving into separate files."

I am awaiting a reply from Canon with interest, perhaps I am missing something simple?

  Smiler 09:41 11 May 2004

I don't think you are missing something simple because the software you had with the scanner didn't support multiple scans when it was first available. That's why there is a patch but not for the software supplied with the canon scanner. This seems to be a that canon got a deal to supply a special version, even though it's version number is the same as the commercial one, and this one is not being supported by Arcsoft. They want you to pay them for another copy. You could try contacting them to see what they say or you could try the patch on the off chance it may work.

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