cano scan n670u problems

  hatrickj 16:00 18 Feb 2004

In a resolved thread "canoscan n670U reinstall" it was suggested that the problems could be solved by installing twain driver
"Canoscan N670U Scangear CS-U v7.0.1.0.
Having had some of my scangear dialog boxes appear for no reason in Portuguese I have removed everything related to the scanner, drivers and s/ware, used the cd rom and also the installation mentioned above. No matter what I do I am warned by the cdrom that the TWAin driver is not installed even though CS-U v7.0.1.0. tells me it is! Can anyone help further, please as I have little faith in Canon support. Incidentally I am using Windows 98SE and IE6 for which the procedures are diiferent from earlier IE versions.

  hatrickj 17:36 25 Feb 2004

Since 18/2 I've tried follwing various instructions emanating from Canon, of which some are contradictory! Connect scanner to computer/ do not connect scanner. Sometimes going in to Devices reveals more than one entry under imaging devices or other with the big'?'. At other times on booting up I'm told that that windows is searching for a driver but no matter if I've tried to instal from CD or from a downloaded update I'm told that some ten files with names like CNOL20DAT CNS50OICC cannot be found and it's only by skipping through these that I can get on with other ops. I've also tried to download the latest driver but the Canon site seems to take me on a loop between 2 pages and I never get to the download.
Can any one help please once again. I also have an
Olympus c750 digital which uses a USB port to upload pictures to the computer users of Win 98 as I have to install a driver (XP doesn't). Could that be part of the problem? AT moment I feel like grabbing a hammer or opening window with a cry of look out below. SO HELP!

  Cog Neato 18:19 25 Feb 2004
  961 19:06 25 Feb 2004

Like all things USB, these can be a nightmare to install

Mine came with two software disks covering a variety of languages. Generally speaking I think the software has to go in first, and if there has been a problem you need to delete the hardware from the device manager and then the software so that you can start again from scratch. And I do mean all the software, including the files and then the folder

Sometimes it helps to disable the autorun on the cd drive so that you can explore the cd to find the english files

I also wonder if latest drivers etc are perhaps not the best for 98se? Would a short call to Canon support be worthwhile to establish this

My own Canon Camera was a nightmare with TWAIN but now uses a different driver and is fine

A note of consolation is that, when you eventually get it to work, it is excellent

  hatrickj 17:41 02 Mar 2004

Solved after oodles of time on phone to support. Had to get relative to download u.t.d. drivers and then one was missed so had to so that one on dial up but it was at least short. Incidentally it seems that some win98 browsers won't permit the downloads. The scanner now is up but now I find for some reason that attempting to print a saved scan brings up a warning of an error writing to LPT1...problem writing to printer due to unknown system error. Restart...
What next can happen????????

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