Cannot Write to 24 speed CD

  prince midas 15:39 10 Jan 2004

Have been using a Teac high Speed 24 without problems.

CD disks I use are Verbaten.

These will copy at up to 12 times no problem.

I also use Packard bell 10 times RW.
No problems with these.

Then I got some Verbaten & also another make both on package 24 times.

My problems then started.

The 24 Verbaten although tried at all speeds up to 24 would only copy at 2 times even though status said 8 times.

On checking the Teac speed on the test rig it said the machine was capable of writing up to 12 times.

Them i used the other unknown make 24 which my son also uses on a plextor with no problem.

It stopped dead at 24.

When I set it to 4 times 8 times 12 times it came up with the message illegal disk.
Finally when it did decide to write at 4 times it took 80 minutes to do a 50 minute data disk and then I had to forcibly eject it as it would not let me shut nero down.As expected the disk was blank and the machine had been stuck at 7% for most of the time with the message lead in.

Comments please apart from the obvious that I buy slower speed disks as before.

  R4 16:27 10 Jan 2004

You may find that the X24 is only available on CDR not CDRW.

  prince midas 16:44 10 Jan 2004

You have probably missed my point.

I wish to know why my machine can only write to CDR disks that are not rated above 12 times.

This is using various speed settings on my Teac.

Also I notice most of the Internet Disk suppiers only sell 24 or over which are too fast for my writer.

Obviously I can find some older disks now in the shops.
But this does not explain why I cannot write to a 24 speed disk.

  DieSse 16:59 10 Jan 2004

Depends on whether you are talking about CD-R or CD-RW blanks - and what the speed of writing is for your Writer for the two different types of CD. Can you tell us more please

  DieSse 17:01 10 Jan 2004

Can you please also say whether your writer has Burn-proof technology or equivalent.

  Stuartli 17:23 10 Jan 2004

The top write speed of a CD-R doesn't matter even if you are using a drive that can only burn at much lower speeds - it's the reverse that could cause the problems i.e. trying to write at 48x to a 16x disk for instance.

Even so I've accidentally burned a Kodak Ultra Gold 12x CD-R at 24x (maximum write speed of my rewriter) and it's been perfect...

Might be time for a visit to Teac's website click here and look through the FAQs and/or whether a firmware update is necessary.

However updating firmware should be a last resort - get it wrong and it's likely the rewriter won't write at any speed at all....:-)

  Stuartli 17:25 10 Jan 2004

The support page includes a link to media compatability with Teac's drives.

Teac is a highly renowned Japanese manufacturer, better known in the hi-fi world to most, and I'm sure you will get excellent support backup.

  prince midas 17:48 10 Jan 2004

I repeat the main points again.
My Teac as got all the latest firmware.
It will write to a CDRW at 10 times which is fine.

Although it is classed as a 24 times writer it will only write according to Nero test of 12 times.

When I use disks marked up to 24 times on the package it either refuses to write or when set manually to say 8 times it comes up with an error of illegal disk.

it will only write to older disks marked up to 8 times on the package CDR.Why.

Obviously the disks marked up to 24 times are not compatible.Note we are talking about Verbaten up to 8 times. Fine.
Verbaten up to 24 times. No Good.Also have tried other package disks marked up to 24 so there must be a difference.

  prince midas 17:50 10 Jan 2004

Yes it is burn proof with 2 mb buffer.

  hugh-265156 18:02 10 Jan 2004

some burners do not like all brands of cdr,my burner refuses to write to imation discs but likes packard bell discs.

try a different brand.pc world sell packard bell x32 cdr discs 2.99 for 25 spindle.

  prince midas 18:08 10 Jan 2004

i am afraid of buying any disk now with speed of 24 or above shown.

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