cannot view a webcam - black screen?

  theDarkness 01:05 09 Jun 2010

its not mine, its some pub with a band usually playing in florida- on my xp machine it automatically runs in windows media player and it works fine, but in vista (on both firefox and IE) its a black screen, with only the sound. I have the k-lite codec pack installed, so Im not sure what else might be required for wmp to show the video.. any ideas?

  birdface 07:42 09 Jun 2010

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  onthelimit 09:04 09 Jun 2010

If OK on XP and not on Vista, sounds like a driver problem.

  birdface 10:48 09 Jun 2010

Probably need your flash program updated.
Or make sure it is enabled in add-ons if you have it installed.

  theDarkness 14:14 09 Jun 2010

thanks-flash was enabled though, and this was on the vista system, sound ok but nothing for video-very odd! could be a vista only problem? strangely enough, this is the only webcam ive never been able to view. as for "drunkpeople".. i thought this was a reference to myself so late at night, lol ;)

  Woolwell 15:50 09 Jun 2010

can you give a link for the webcam please? I have Vista and can check on my system.

  theDarkness 19:58 14 Jun 2010

the link was click here

quite popular with the tourists and fans of the local bands, since most webcams are of terrible stream quality, i was surprised with this one. as a test ive now reinstalled vista for the third time (no codec packs), and third time around the camera is working-the ONLY webcam stream on the net that i couldnt get to work on vista is now ok. so far! lol. i think it used windows media 9 video and audio.

  Woolwell 20:26 14 Jun 2010

All 3 webcams worked in Firefox and Vista.

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