Cannot view DVD content through Windows Explorer

  gabber82 19:13 01 Sep 2007

I've just installed a DVD writer which is working fine. However, the other (original DVD drive) does not allow me to view the files on any disc via windows explorer. Any disc i put in the drive is detected, any with autoplay start up as normal. I can still watch DVDs with the drive.

It's all wired up correctly and i have set master/slave. Any idea of what's going on?

  holme 20:37 01 Sep 2007

I'm not sure if I'm on the right lines with this, but I suspect the /original/ DVD drive may be set to play a disc automatically. Does that make sense?

If so, suggest you try the following:

a) Right-click over the /original/ DVD drive icon in My computer and select Properties.
b) Select the AutoPlay tab and select either <Take no action> or (if you want the contents folder to open automatically) select the <Open folder to view files> option.
c) Click on Apply and OK.

Then if you put a disc in the drive, either nothing will happen or the contents directory will open automatically (your choice). HTH.

  woodchip 20:47 01 Sep 2007

Are you clicking on the correct drive???

  gabber82 01:17 02 Sep 2007

the DVD writer is a second drive (F:). the original DVD drive is not a writer (E:) which has been working 100% for at least a year until now.

they are connected with one IDE cable to the mobo, E: is the master, F: is the slave.

when i boot up both drives are recognised, i can use both drives to play music, watch DVDs etc and autoplay works on E: which i have no problems with and proves Windows or the PC recognises it.

right now i have an audio cd in drive E:, when i open windows explorer and all drives are displayed in the list on the left (C:, D:, E:, F:), i can see Audio CD (E:). however, when i click to view the particular files on the CD which should be displayed on the right side of the window, it somehow bypasses this and auto selects my D: drive which is a hard disk. no errors are displayed like 'please insert disk' it's like E: is locked some way.

i've tried right clicking on E: and choosing explore and it just opens a new window for my desktop.

the new DVD writer drive (F:) works fine, i can view files on that no problem .

i'm not sure if this matters but E: is region 1 DVD and F: is region 2 (in terms of DVD playback, just thought i'd mention)

I've tried checking the properties of both drives and windows claims both drives are working properly.

i hope all this makes sense, it's sending me round the bend

  gabber82 01:22 02 Sep 2007

i should also mention that when i open any program (Power DVD, Media Player etc) and try to display files on a disc in E:, i just can't. i click on E: and the drop down selection menu closes, or just refuses regardless of the amount of times i double click

  [email protected] 01:26 02 Sep 2007

try uninstalling the drive in device manager and reboot

  rdave13 01:33 02 Sep 2007

Make the dvd rewriter master and dvd rom as slave.
F as master E as slave and reboot.

  gabber82 15:46 02 Sep 2007

not sure what's happened but it seems the problem has fixed itself. switched pc on this morning and i can now view all individual files on any disc in drive E:

not tinkered with anything, changed any settings at all. very odd

anyway, thanks to all those who have posted suggestions of help.

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