cannot uninstall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  rupie 20:39 14 Aug 2005

I have a colour calibration program that I want to uninstall. The link in the programs part of the start menu to uninstall is empty. There is no mention of it in the Add/Remove in the control panel and i cannot uninstall it off the install cd rom. What can I do ???

  ton 20:47 14 Aug 2005

Can you re-install the program? If so, it should then uninstall.

  rupie 20:50 14 Aug 2005

The program creates a calibration profile for colour management and when I re installed it 2 were created instead, thus adding to my troubles

  ton 20:59 14 Aug 2005

If it is just creating a profile I would have thought you could just delete them.

  Number 7 21:03 14 Aug 2005

As ton says, it might need uninstalling.

Got a link to the program?

  Number 7 21:04 14 Aug 2005

It might NOT need need uninstalling.

  woodchip 21:22 14 Aug 2005

Use this way, and put the name of the program where XXXXXXX is. First click Search puthe name in find box XXXXXXX delete all that it finds with XXXXXXX. If it will not let you then do the above in safe mode. next go to start run type regedit in the Run box press enter, in regedit go the Menu under edit you will see Find in the find box put XXXXXXX then press enter all the folders in regedit should be closed before doing the above if they are not then click on the My computer icon so it start searching at the top of the tree when you click find. Next delete the entry with the XXXXXXX name it finds click ok to comferm, next press F3 to go to next entry in regedit keep doing the above until you clear all the items it find with XXXXXXX name in it. at the end shut windows that are open then just click the OK and reboot

  Strawballs 21:25 14 Aug 2005

Try installing this and running it click here

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