Cannot unhide a partition

  tran1 11:56 21 Feb 2003


After installingBottmagic yesterday, my backup drive has become hidden. i.e does not show up in 'My Computer'. I tried unhiding it via partition magic but upon reboot it was still unhidden. I have done this 3 times and still no luck.

My drive images are stored on this drive and I am about to embark on Mandrake OS. I'm not sure if the Backup images are still accessable in case of mandrake messing up my system and I have no means of accessing my images.

I have emailed powerquest support yesterday and I'm still waiting response. But for now, maaybe you forum members can help me.


John T

  Lú-tzé 13:39 21 Feb 2003

Try telling PT to hide it (yes, I know that it is hidden), reboot and then tell PM to unhide it and reboot - that may work.

Or are there any commands which can be used from the PM startup disks which might allow it?

  zanwalk 13:53 21 Feb 2003

If you are using Drive Image, just run the program from the floppies and then go to 'Restore Image' and browse for the images, this should show the 'hidden' drive and your images. As long as it does your images are still accessable.

  tran1 14:04 21 Feb 2003

Lú-tzé, I can't seem to hide the drive becuase it is already set hiiden so there is only the option to unhide. I've tried unhiding many times but it still stays hidden.

rayburn, Thanks. i least I can still access them. But I really need to unhide the whole drive to save other backup stuff such as documents and files etc.

  zanwalk 18:24 21 Feb 2003

I gather the hidden drive is a seperate hard drive, if so, how about creating another partition with Partition Magic, and make it a Logical partition, therefore that one should be visible, and save your backups to that.

  tran1 18:32 21 Feb 2003

whats the difference between Logical and Primary partition?

  zanwalk 18:39 21 Feb 2003

Logical partitions are for data as Microsoft Operating Systems must be installed to a Primary partition, although Linux can be installed to either. The PM manual tells you more detail if you are interested.

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