Cannot surf internet with modem under windows xp

  nerd1 16:15 15 Feb 2003

I have just built a new computer and installed windows xp. I have tried to add my Elsa Microlink 56k pci HCF internal modem from my previous system. It has been configured as a Generic 56k pci fax data modem. I can log onto my ISP and download my email but I cannot visit any other sites ie or
Has anyone got any ideas on this problem?
(I have put my modem back into my old computer to access this site now).

  Djohn 16:25 15 Feb 2003

Are you with aol?

  howard60 16:27 15 Feb 2003

such as zone alarm or the internal one from xp. you may have to diable them.

  nerd1 16:34 15 Feb 2003

No I am not with AOL. I am with RM, they supply computers for schools etc.

I haven't installed any firewalls at the moment. In the dial up network connection the internat firewall is turned off.

  barrie_g 16:40 15 Feb 2003

have you configured a new connection within XP?

  Djohn 16:42 15 Feb 2003

nerd1, sorry, not sure of problem. The reason I asked if you are with aol is that the same problem was occuring through them for a couple of days last week, thought it may have returned. J.

  nerd1 16:45 15 Feb 2003

Yes, I have configured a new dial up connection with XP.

If there are firewalls in xp, how do I turn them off?

  SantasLittleHelper 17:55 15 Feb 2003

Suggest you go here (click here)and download the latest drivers for your modem. Try removing and re-installing the modem using the new drivers.

  nerd1 13:07 17 Feb 2003

It was an ISP issue. They use a proxy server to access the internet. I found the details on my old system and updated internet explorer.
Thanks for all your help.

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