cannot send emails with outlook express

  keak1 14:48 20 Mar 2004

Hi I hope someone can help me.
I have had my computer for some time and everything seems ok.....but for the last 4 days I cannot send an email at all through outlook express....I can receive them with no problems.
I can send an email through my Tiscali mailpage but not outlook express.
Anyone else got this problem....or does anyone know what I can do to solve this.

  Totally-braindead 14:51 20 Mar 2004

Have you looked at the Tiscali site, I've just switched to Tiscali Broadband and all the info is there to set up outlook express for your email. I presume something has corrupted your settings so I'd check this first.

  keak1 14:56 20 Mar 2004

Thanks for that.....I havent a clue about computers so where do I look to do what you have just told me!!! Thanks

  Stuartli 15:29 20 Mar 2004

Go to Tiscali's Help page and then click on e-mail settings (second link in Top 5 Issues).

You will probably need to correctly list the POP3 and SMTP configuration - the info will guide you through.

Also check that all the settings are correct using the various links; most of the information is provided using screen images.

  TBH1 15:31 20 Mar 2004

are you saying thats its only the last 4 days you have been unable to send - - or you have never been able to send ?? Check your pop settings for your out mail. In Outlook Express click on TOOLS from tool bar at the top, select ACCOUNTS then the MAIL tab. Select the relevent account, then properties - - - make sure all info on the GENERAL page are correct, then click the SERVERS tab and ensure your OuTGOING mail is set to - - -your incoming sounds fine but should read

  TBH1 15:32 20 Mar 2004

drat - - one finger typing for you - -

  denchris 15:46 20 Mar 2004

My brother-in-law had the same problem, and I found an answer was to connect to the web, minimise, then use Outlook Express and had no further problem, Possibly something Tiscali has done recently ? ?

  keak1 21:05 21 Mar 2004

Thanks was a problem with outlook express in the end....but it is ok now.

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