Cannot send emails to myself ?

  Baskerville 21:45 07 Aug 2008

Hi All,

Today I configured a new ISP, but still kept my e mail client (Incredimail) to test the email I sent myself a email but it did not come back, I sent my friend my new email and he e mailed me straight back, no problems it arrived in my inbox. funny thing is each time I email myself it goes but never comes back ? can anyone explain this ?

Many thanks,


  Quiet Life 22:00 07 Aug 2008

Open a gmail or yahoo account and see if that works. Is your firewall blocking incredimail?
See that point on incredimail forum.
I found incredimail to have many bugs and hangups and gave it uo after the novelty wore off

  MsTechie 22:00 07 Aug 2008

Sounds a bit obvious but have you checked your junk/spam box in case its gone in there as unsafe

  Baskerville 22:49 07 Aug 2008

This is strange as I had no problems sending to myself with the old ISP and the new settings besides the name don't differ.
No junk/spam problems, firewall just the same.

Not tried yahoo but will try later,



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