Cannot see other pc/s in workgroup

  ACOLYTE 18:54 10 Apr 2008

I have got 2 pc/s connected through a router,they can both get online ok but nether of them can see the other to share files.
I have ran to network wizrd on both machines and that finished ok but they still dont appear in any part of either pc/s network places,when i try to search for them usng add new network place i cannot see the pc/c from any computer in the workgroup i set up the,default MSHOME,yet i can find my router called BT and somthing called Thomson in that workgroup and thats it.

  recap 20:42 10 Apr 2008

Check the firewall settings are set to allow the network.

  ACOLYTE 13:46 11 Apr 2008

There is only windows firewall on both Pc/s and this is set up to allow file and print sharing as far as i know,i have even turned both off and still nothng shows up.

  Jollyjohn 21:12 11 Apr 2008

Try going START, Control panel, Network connections. There should be LOCAL AREA CONNECTION right click, properties, INSTALL, Protocol and add ipx/spx
Do this on both machines, reboot and hopefully they will see each other.

  ACOLYTE 13:57 12 Apr 2008

Hi, thx for that i dd as you said and it worked to a certain extent i can see the pc/s but i cant see the sharing folders on any of them.
When i click the pc it doesn't expand to include the sharing folder,it says i don't have permission to access the pc and i should contact my admin.
Both Sharing folders are set up to be shared i checked.

  mikef. 21:31 13 Apr 2008

Jollyjohn, I've been having exactly the same problem since installing my new wireless router and thanks to your solution I now have a fully working network again, so thanks from me as I'd run out of ideas before seeing your suggestion

  fixitnow 12:31 16 Apr 2008

I have a similar problem which has me baffled. I am running 3 PCs and 1 laptop. The laptop and 1 PC are Vista and the other PCs are XP home. I can see all comps through the wireless modem router,(the network) but the workgroup won't come up for all the machines. The XPs see each other and the Vistas see each other, but only with the Norton 360 firewall off. No file sharing, although selected, is available on the Vista machines.

  Marko797 23:47 18 Apr 2008

I tried following ur steps on a Vista lappy (which is where I'm having probs) but couldn't see anything related to ipx/spx in protocol. Not wishing to hijack, but can you ofer additonal guidance?

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