Cannot see my buttons! - (probably silly me!)

  Diemmess 15:48 27 Nov 2004

When opening this recommended tool download
click here
I cannot see more than the edges of the buttons on the right side of that window, however I try.

ALL other windows behave normally. Dragging the right hand margin allows still more space to the left hand side. There is an up/down scroll bar but none for Lt/Rt.

Is this just me?

  JIM 15:53 27 Nov 2004

try a different screen resolution.

  Diemmess 16:06 27 Nov 2004

Don't think I'll bother with that one JIM because I have a TFT monitor which is poor at any but its native high resolution........

Also, as I said, it is the only file which does this, however many files and windows are open at the same time.

I was rather hoping someone would try it and see if they have the same result. It is a small zipped download with an impeccable pedigree (Nellie2)...... It will do no harm to open it when unzipped, but it is meant to deal with spyware and other nasties in the registry so wiser not to run the program unless sure which buttons to push!

  mattyc_92 16:13 27 Nov 2004

I get ALL of the Window showing on my system. But to make sure I will send a "screenshot" to you of what I can see.....

  Nellie2 16:45 27 Nov 2004

It's just a hosts file reader and editor. Don't worry too much about it.. although I can't understand why you can't see the right hand side, it works fine for me.

We can fix those hosts files later on with hjt if needs be!

  JIM 16:56 27 Nov 2004

Have opened it and no problem,thank-you for link.As you said, impeccable pedigree Nellie2 ;0)


  Diemmess 17:16 27 Nov 2004

mattyc_92 has sent both a screenshot and the file as he downloaded it.

No change, but it is a cock-eyed world sometimes and with a print of the screenshot at my elbow, I will be able to use the "Hoster" program.

And JIM, I have tried chopping the screen resolution with ridiculously no difference except like Red Riding Hood "What big Icons you have!"

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