cannot save to dvd+rw or cd-rw

  kennings 14:43 06 Jul 2005

tried to backup work done in sage to dvd+rw but it comes up saying 'windows is unable to read the CD ROM in drive d: make sure the drive door is closed and that there is a valid data disc in the drive.' its exactly the same with cd-rw, both these discs are new and unused.It seems it will copy to cd-r but I want to re-use disc. The dvdrw drive seems to be work ok with other cd's

  woodchip 14:47 06 Jul 2005

Have you done anthing with the disc? like format it.
What Operating System?

  kennings 14:54 06 Jul 2005

o/s is windows xp, tried to erase although nothing on it as its brand new but windows wont have it. how can I format disc?

  De Marcus 14:56 06 Jul 2005

Are you trying to use windows to format the dvd?

If so it won't work, xp only has native cd-burning capabilities.

  woodchip 15:08 06 Jul 2005

If you have NERO software load InCD of the NERO CD use that to format the disc you can then use like a big floppy disc

  kennings 15:51 06 Jul 2005

I will get nero and try that.Although I thought cd-rw would work.

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