cannot run windows '98

  niceguy01 10:23 05 Jan 2004

I have a Parkard Bell, Pentium III, 750mhz computer. My son tried to delete some music files he no longer wanted, now when the power is turned on, the windows '98 screen comes up & the hard drive seems to be loading wndows but then the computer just shuts down.

I'd appreciate if anyone can help me get my computer working again (I've been tearing my hair out!!!)

  xania 10:50 05 Jan 2004

He's probably deleted one or more important files in error. Can the PC load in Safe Mode? If so, use this to restore all the files from the wastebin and all should be OK. Alternatively, running SFC will allow a thorough check and reinstallation of most important system files. If not, its reinstallation time. Try reinstalling over-the-top first, to retain all existing setting etc. But if this also fails, he will have to re-format C:\ and reinstall |(but first boot into DOS and save all data files on C:\ if not already secured.

  Border View 11:15 05 Jan 2004

I had to reinstall Windows 98SE over the top of existing yesterday. Information found on this site was as follows:

Best way and keep all settings is to do this:
Insert W98 CD in drive
exist the autorun window
brose the cd in Windows Explorer
Open the folder W98
open the folder TOOLS
open the folder SYSREC
Double click on PCRESTOR

Pcrestor is a batch file and is actually pcrestor.bat.
This will restore W98 yet keep all your settings EXCEPT keyboard language (defaults to english US) and Regional settings. However, no problem as these can be reset from control panel after the restore to EN keyboard and British GM regional settings.
With this method, it is fully automatic without any user intervention at any time. It does not even look for drivers, as it sees what ones you have.

The above is a copy of a posting which I can no longer find. My sincere thanks to whoever posted it.

Take my word, if I can reinstall Windows 98SE, after uninstalling AVG and ZoneAlarm and Disabling Go-Back, anyone can.

Good Luck

  Border View 11:17 05 Jan 2004

Sorry should say exit the autorum and browse the cd in Windows Explorer. Fingers getting ahead of themselves

  Sheila-214876 11:27 05 Jan 2004

You could try Registry Restore. Boot your PC and keep tapping the F8 key until you get a menu. Choose Safe Mode Command Prompt Only and press Enter. When you get to the C:\ prompt type scanreg /restore and press Enter. (don't forget the space between scanreg and /restore)

You will now get a list of 5 previous backup dates. Choose a date before the problem started and press Enter. Follow the prompts.

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