Cannot Repair WinXP

  Dumble452 09:51 12 Aug 2007

I've followed the instructions to repair Windows XP but when I boot from the Windows CD and get to the WindowsXP welcome screen my computer just shuts down and switches off before I have the chance to press ENTER to setup Windows XP

  SANTOS7 10:11 12 Aug 2007

I would say it is not software related but hardware, points to a PSU problem if your PC keeps turning itself off, could also be CPU overheating, you might want to look there first...

  Dumble452 10:44 12 Aug 2007

It doesn't turn off when its running only during boot-up and then intermittantly. CPU temp reported as 29-51 deg C.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:58 12 Aug 2007

WindowsXP welcome screen my computer just shuts down and switches off before I have the chance to press ENTER to setup Windows XP

is this the first blue screen as you are trying to boot from CD?

  SANTOS7 11:00 12 Aug 2007

A fair test at this stage would be to try another PSU, if there is no definitive error message it will be a process of ellimination

  Dumble452 22:51 12 Aug 2007

Fruit Bat /\0/\
Its the screen that gives the options to:
To setup Windows now, press ENTER.
To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Consol, press R.
To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3.

SANTOS7. You may be right. This has been an on-going problem for a few weeks. There has been an error message click here
which I've been unable to resolve.

I have a feeling that I'm heading for a re-format and clean re-install

  WhiteTruckMan 02:24 13 Aug 2007

from an external source and run scandisk with a surface scan? (assuming you do not have ntfs on c:) Not that I think theres anything wrong with your drive, but it gives the computer something to do, and if it falls over doing that then its definitely a hardware issue and not your OS


  Dumble452 08:51 13 Aug 2007

My knowledge of DOS is somewhat limited. I have Win98se on C: which is a FAT32 partition, WinXPsp2 on D: which is NTFS. I have a Win98 start-up floppy somewhere if that's what you mean by an external source.
I have my main drive backed up (and verified) to an external hard drive but I'm still paranoid about losing my files, particularly photos.

  User-312386 08:56 13 Aug 2007

Try this

Restart computer, start tapping the F8 key and the options will pop up. Select start in ms-dos

When in dos type scanreg /fix

Note the space between scanreg and /

If all goes well the resgistry should be fixed

If you get a flashing cursor at the end type EXIT


  Dumble452 16:47 13 Aug 2007

I don't seem to have that option.
At the moment my computer seems to be behaving itself. That is the problem with an intermittant fault; you never know if you have cured it. I have turned off System Restore and have run my virus checker, adaware, a squared etc. Then I tried TrojanHunter as recommended by which allegedly found 2 trojans the others hadn't. I have now turned System restore back on.
I still think that the only option will be to do a re-format and clean install, but I'm frightened to do it.
I have a second 120GB hard drive and an external 500GB hard drive. Do you know of a check list of good practice as the best way to proceed?
I keep getting back-up corrupted messages when I back-up and attempt to verify a back-up to the 2nd HDD but I have managed to save and verify an image to the external HDD.

  Dumble452 17:11 13 Aug 2007


I have almost decided to buy a new PSU in order to remove one variable is this any good?
click here

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