Cannot repair or reinstall Xp Home

  AONITE 13:31 21 Nov 2005

I cannot repair (using the OEM XP disc) or reinstall XP following a system crash. Neither can I get to safe mode, last known good etc - I keep getting the dreaded BSOD with an error "PAGE FAULT IN NON-PAGED AREA". I haven't installed any new software or hardware recently.
PC is Compaq 2504 notebook with 512MB extra RAM which I've tried removing but with same result.

Any ideas on how to get past this BSOD?

  Gongoozler 13:35 21 Nov 2005

Hi AONITE, you've tried removing the new memory, but have you tried removing the original memory leaving only the new stick?

  AONITE 13:37 21 Nov 2005

Yes - have tried that as well but with no luck.

  WhiteTruckMan 13:43 21 Nov 2005

what happened when you tried reinstalling from cd, but I'm assuming that it ignored the disc. can you not boot at all from the cd? if nothing happens try getting into bios and resetting boot sequence to cd as first boot device.


did you get some form of system restore disc with the computer? (be aware though that you will loose al the data on the machine as it returns it to factory condition, assuming no hardware fault)


(scraping the barrel a bit here) if you have or can borrow a windows 98 cd (or and dos bootable cd) and can get to a dos prompt then run a scandisc on the hdd. I cant remember off the top of my head the path on a 98 cd for scandisc but if its a problem then I can (or someone else probably would) dig out the path for you if you do this.

Good luck


  Chegs ®™ 13:45 21 Nov 2005

PAGE FAULT IN NON-PAGED AREA is usually(but not always)RAM,as you have tried both with/without the new stick,I'm stumped as to what else to offer.Have you checked the BIOS for RAM timings?

  AONITE 13:49 21 Nov 2005

WhiteTruckMan - The boot from CD option is first on the list in the BIOS - the process starts but then hits the BSOD.

I did get a system restore disc but can't even get that to get past the BSOD (I know that erases all the data on the HD but have most of it backed up anyway.)

I don't have a Windows 98 disc but may have an old Windows ME disc - will this do?

Chegs - Don't recall having seen any reference to RAM timings in the BIOS - what should I be looking for?

Thanks for help so far by the way!

  HondaMan 14:22 21 Nov 2005

I know this sounds daft, but what were you doing immediately before the BSOD. Had you installed any hardware or drivers?

  Graham ® 14:23 21 Nov 2005

Download a 98 bootdisk from click here to the desktop, then save/send to a floppy disc. Boot the duff PC with that.

  Graham ® 14:24 21 Nov 2005

To get to DOS.

  Chegs ®™ 14:27 21 Nov 2005

It might have things like CAS/RAS Latency,just a suggestion as like I said,I'm stumped as to what else to offer.

  AONITE 14:29 21 Nov 2005

I hadn't installed any new hardware or software which leads me to believe this may be a hardware fault which has suddenly manifested itself.

I won't be able to download a 98 bootdisk to the desktop as I don't seem to be able to access the desktop even with the original boot disks...

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