Cannot remove unwanted programme " Printmaster 12

  Redlegs 14:27 18 Aug 2007

Hi again ! , Redlegs here , fresh from a victory,
and here tis the other prob. Down loaded a free programme , "Printmaster 12" from a DVD attached to a computer mag. ( not PCA !! ) and , trying to free up some disc space, decided this one can go.
Won't budge -- click "change/remove"---> get asked
RU sure ? ---> yep , and it sits there displaying
a healthy " 0% " for about 30 seconds , then screen reverts back to the "add/remove " item.
Have never used it -- really don't like it now !!
any ideas ?? --- and Taff , I see you are game to have another go !! ta in advance !!
Searched "Printmaster 12" in Forum -- no joy !! ( and PCA , a friend gave me the disc !! )

  SANTOS7 14:34 18 Aug 2007

click here

try this, click on "tools" option there is an uninstaller that may help...

  Pineman100 16:27 18 Aug 2007

Did you get a clean install of the program in the first place? If not, then uninstall might not work.

If you've still got the cover disk, you could try reinstalling the software, then uninstalling.

  Redlegs 14:48 19 Aug 2007

Hi Santos7 !! --- sadly "ccleaner " didn't work --
had the same result ( went thru the same steps that "change/remove" does ) .ccleaner looked very
impressive, and I was confident it would do the trick , but no. I also tried with Regedit , which solved my previous problem, but it failed to find any mention of "Printmaster 12 " when it searched !! -- ???? ---. Will "google " the supplier of the programme --" Broderbund " and
lay down the challenge to them !! thanks for your efforts ( and Pineman100 --I didn't keep the original disc ) cheers , Redlegs

  Redlegs 15:56 19 Aug 2007

Googled Broderbund,-- in hindsight , should have pursued this tack b4, and accessed their Support
Center(sic)-- found many paragraphs devoted to
"Manually Uninstalling Printmaster 12" --didn't
realise just how far one could delve into C\drive
and "peel" back by "clicking".
Anyway , net result is I still have Printmaster 12
listed in the programmes , but it no longer shows it is using any capacity -- it was taking up
500.00MB ( which is why I decided to delete it )
Hey there Marg7, hello again !! -- no , there wasn't any uninstall leads in it's expanding listings. Don't think I have any other stuff associated with "Broderbund" so I reckon I will bring their first reference up and hit the "goodnight" button once and for all , and be wary of "freebies" like this in future!! Thanks

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