Cannot remove these files. Do you know how?

  kendon287 17:12 24 Aug 2004

Hi All,

I really hope someone can help me. I bought a laptop (got fed up of using Macs and not being able to buy software) on Friday, and today I tried install some software on it (Steinberg Clean - for recording vinyl into the computer and cleaning it). It started to install, then stopped for no reason. It said "not responding". Why would this happen? So we tried again. Now we have 2 lots of files that cannot be deleted, uninstalled or moved to recycle bin, and when you try to delete them the computer crashes and won't shut down. I have had to switch it off by the button a load of times now (does this hurt it btw?).

Also, do you know how to turn off Norman AV? We don't use the laptop for internet stuff so don't need it.

Any ideas?

  ami 23:35 24 Aug 2004

Hi Kendon
I assume that if it's a new laptop it will have winXP as the operating system.
It sounds as if the uninstaller part of your programme hasn't got itself installed. Use system restore to take your computer back to the point in time before you did the first install, that will 'get rid' of the two versions of the programme for you.
Second question, turning off the computer before shutting it down properly is not a good idea, ok sometimes it's a last resort but don't make a habit of it, it can lead to corrupt files in the OS.
Steinburg Clean - have you checked it's compatability with the specs of your laptop?
Disable Norton in Device Manager to stop it running automatically, although you've needed the Internet for this problem! Sure you won't need it again????

  woodchip 23:41 24 Aug 2004

So did you clean the drive and install a windows OS

  ami 23:51 24 Aug 2004

you might also find this site of use click here

  woodchip 23:54 24 Aug 2004

Start in Safe Mode start computer and keep pressing F8 as it boots then try deleting files in safe mode

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