Cannot Remove Programs From Desktop

  Conaire 17:24 22 Mar 2004

I started downloading a game called Knight Online, but decided I no longer wanted it and cancelled the download. However the program remains on the desktop and I have tried to delete them. I get the message this program is currently in use and cannot be deleted. I used safe mode and tried to delete it but it still tells me they are in use. I have taken a screenshot of the program, which can be found below
click here

Would anyone possible know how to remove them?
Thanks in Regards

  hugh-265156 17:29 22 Mar 2004

i notice it does`nt have a name,maybe thats the problem.

can you give it a name and then try to delete it mabye.

  GaT7 17:34 22 Mar 2004

Or try deleting it in MS-Dos - you'll need to make a note of the full path.

  Conaire 17:35 22 Mar 2004

They both have names just one is blurred, which I don't want others to see. But I tried renaming it anyway, and it still says it's in use.

  Conaire 17:43 22 Mar 2004

Tried deleting it with MS-DOS but it still says the program is in use.

  hugh-265156 17:54 22 Mar 2004

the name of the other file may help??

maybe this wont help but try checking in start/run: type the start up tab and untick any reference to the program/s here restart the computer and try to delete it again.

try running your antivirus and something like spybot or adaware click here click here remove anything they find.

  Kate B 17:55 22 Mar 2004

try stopping it via ctrl-alt-delete and then deleting it ...?

  Audeal 23:59 22 Mar 2004

If I have a program that I want to delete and I am told it is running then I reboot and it usualy goes.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 00:07 23 Mar 2004

what did u download it with? usually there is a temp file that keeps the info for if u want to continue the downlaod you need to find this and delete it then delete the thing of your desk top.


  GaT7 01:12 23 Mar 2004

Look at "You Cannot Delete a File or a Folder -Cause 2: The File Is Being Used" at;en-us;320081

  temp003 01:12 23 Mar 2004

Do you use XP?

The icons suggest they are .exe files, but I'm not sure.

Go to c:\documents and settings\YourUserName\Desktop folder OR c:\documents and settings\All Users\Desktop folder to see if you can find their full names (if they are not shortcuts).

Open Task Mangager to see if these file names appear in the list of processes. If so, highlight them and click End Process, then delete.

If they don't appear in Task Manager, try Process Explorer to find out which process is "using" the files. click here and scroll down to the bottom to download it. Unzip, no need to install, and just double click the procexp.exe file (ignore the message about downloading symbols). It works like Task Manager but gives you more information.

Highlight a process, and look at the bottom half, for File entries. If you find the file c:\docs and settings\...\KnightOnline referred to under a process, that's the process using the file. Kill the process, then delete the file.

Or in the menu bar, click Find, Find DLL, in the box type in the name of the file KnightOnline, click Search, see if it shows what application or process is using it. If that doesn't work, try Find Handle.

Alternatively, if the files are in the YourUserName\Desktop folder, and not the All Users\Desktop folder, and you have another account with Adm privileges, you can log into the other account and delete the files.

If all else fails, boot up computer with XP CD, press R to enter Recovery Console, and at the prompt, use the del command to delete the files.

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