cannot remove 'old games' from add remove programm

  mec13 23:58 02 Oct 2005

As my son moves onto newer games, old games are eventually uninstalled. Clicking into the 'add/remove' I see these old games still there, but there is no 'remove/uninstall' button to click onto.

Re-install the game, I'm told, then uninstall again. This I have done, but venturing back to the 'Control Panel' into 'Add Remove' programs, There they still are, with no way of removing them. The games 'have' actually uninstalled, but not the titles.

I've right clicked the hard drive to explore it, eventually found these old games titles still there, they wont even delete. Some message comes up stating 'Sorry for the inconvenience' and do I want to report it to 'Windows'.

OS is xphome sp2! 160gb hd, 1024ram etc.

ps! system restore is my, often used 'mending programn', when things go wrong. It's been used many times on this 3 yr old machine. In my opinion it might (like me) be getting a bit confused. I'm just guessing of course, but simple guidance would be appreciated. Please dont mention 'registry things', because thats a path I refuse to go down.

  Knikerbeine 03:17 03 Oct 2005

Add Remove Pro from click here It's a free download (was also on a PCA disc earlier this year) which will remove full programmes or any entry name left behind by an unsuccesful uninstall.

  mec13 17:54 03 Oct 2005

Knikerbene, tried your suggestion but it didn't work. The old game doesn't show in the 'add-remove pro 2.08 list. But when I open my control panel, into 'add remove', there sits this old game (command & conquerer generals) refusing to bugde.


  VoG II 18:00 03 Oct 2005

Download JV16 Powertools click here

Click on 'Registry Tool' then on 'Uninstall Menu'.

Tick the entries that you don't want to see and click the Remove button.

  VoG II 18:07 03 Oct 2005

Download JV16 Powertools click here

Click on 'Registry Tool' then on 'Uninstall Menu'.

Tick the entries that you don't want to see and click the Remove button.

  mec13 19:13 03 Oct 2005

VoG™, you mentioned the dreaded word 'registry', I'll tread carefully here. expect a responce later (the missus needs to go shopping)

  VoG II 19:24 03 Oct 2005

The entries in Add or Remove programs are stored in the registry. The only way of removing redundant items is either to edit the registry, or to use a program like JV16 Powertools to do it for you.

In the extremely unlikely event that JV16 Powertools causes a problem, simply run JV16 Powertools and click on 'Backup Tool' to go back.

  mec13 23:54 03 Oct 2005

With respect VoG™ your link to 'jv16 power tools' is a programne far beyond my understanding. After downloading it, dear oh me, I didn't know where to start, over half my registry was ok to remove according to this programme.

In fact the old game (mentioned earlier) had a red dot, indicating it was not safe to remove.

my lack of computer knowledge has once again shown itself, so I must decline your advice this time. jv16 is probably a very good programme, but I know my limits. Do appreciate your response though, thanks.

  joeten 20:45 04 Oct 2005

hi if you can save any important stuff to disc you could reinstall windows this is fairly simple and will give you a fresh start

  DrScott 14:04 06 Oct 2005

CCleaner has the facility to remove dead entries from the Add/Remove programs page.. that's what I use anyway!

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